5 best Free Fire emotes that were newly released in 2021

A handful of emotes were released in Free Fire this year (Image via Sportskeeda)
A handful of emotes were released in Free Fire this year (Image via Sportskeeda)

Emotes form a significant component of Free Fire, with players actively spending diamonds to acquire exclusive ones within the game. They are an excellent way for users to express themselves on the battlefield, often to display dominance or mock their opponents.

The developers usually release new emotes into the game as part of several events or add them directly to the store. Dozens of new ones made their way into the game in 2021 alone.

Note: The Free Fire emotes mentioned below are based on the writer’s opinion. The list is in no particular order.

Best Free Fire emotes released in 2021, including Hadouken from the Street Fighter games

5) Ground Punch

The Ground Punch emote was released in late February 2021 as part of Cobra Top Up II, where users had to purchase a total of 500 diamonds to attain the emote in addition to the other two rewards. The animation for this emote shows the character charging up and then smashing the ground. Subsequently, a cobra emerges from the player’s hand.

It also made a comeback as part of the prize pool for the latest iteration of the Free Fire Emote Party event, which was introduced in October 2021.

4) Stage Time

Stage Time was brought to the Indian server with the Emote Party event, although it had already been made available in other regions. Players were guaranteed this emote in the 5th Super Draw and, as a result, several players already own it.

The animation for the emote depicts the character executing some impressive dance moves as the spotlight is focused on them.

3) Mythos Four

Mythos Four was added to the Rampage Ascension event in Free Fire. The Mythos Four emote was part of the prize pool and did not require users to collect any special tokens. Upon activating the emote, the character uses a sword to break a rock and a dragon emerges behind the character.

It made a comeback in the Emote Party event and several players attempted to attain the exclusive emote.

2) Hadouken

Hadouken takes the second spot on this list. Players familiar with the Street Fighter games will know that it is a special move from the series.

The emote was available in the Free Fighter Wish event along with the Ryu and Chun Li Bundle. It is in a league of its own and is one of the best to be released this year simply because it is part of an incredible collaboration.

1) Obliteration

Obliteration was added to Free Fire with the One Punch Man collaboration (Image via Free Fire)
Obliteration was added to Free Fire with the One Punch Man collaboration (Image via Free Fire)

Saitama’s signature move, Obliteration, was incorporated in Free Fire as a result of the game’s partnership with the Japanese superhero franchise earlier this year. The emote is one of a kind and was only available in the store for a limited time frame for 599 diamonds.

Items from collaborations do not regularly feature within the game. As a result, the emote is one of the rarest and best emotes to be released in 2021.

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