5 best Free Fire emotes that players can try in 2022

Gamers can have an eye on the Free Fire emotes mentioned below (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gamers can have an eye on the Free Fire emotes mentioned below (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire features a diverse array of emotes that many players find appealing and desire to get in the game. Over the years, developers have released a large number of new ones through a variety of methods like collaboration events, top-up events and more.

Among the most common ways to obtain emotes is through the in-game store or by participating in the Emote Party event, which is held once every few months.

Players can keep an eye on the following emotes in case they are made available in 2022.

Free Fire: Best emotes to check out in 2022

1) More Practice

The "More Practice" emote comes up at number five on this list. It was first released into Free Fire in April of this year and is highly liked by the players. While the emote is not as intimidating as some players might like, it does have a humor factor to it.

In the emote, a punching bag appears on the screen and the character strikes it. Afterwards, the bag rebounds and hits the character(s) in the face. Although it's not suited for taunting enemy players, it does bring some relief in the midst of the intense Battle Royale mode.

2) The Biker


The Biker is another emote that users will need to watch for in 2022. After activation, it performs an action in which the character jumps onto a bike and performs tricks. Even with all the different animations available in the game, this specific emote is very cool, and as a result, a favorite among players.

Garena implemented this particular emote during Project Cobra events in February 2021. Users who purchased a certain quantity of diamonds during the top-up event received it for free.

3) Doggie


The Doggie is an extremely rare emote and players will have a difficult time obtaining it in Free Fire. However, it made a few appearances during the Emote Party event, which prompted players to shell out many diamonds for a chance.

As soon as they activate the emote, a dog appears alongside their character, and they proceed to perform a dance with it.

4) Mythos Four


Mythos Four is an extremely attractive emote and it grabbed the players' attention when it was originally made accessible as part of the Ramage Ascension event in Free Fire. Consequently, they can also set their eyes on this once it is made available.

In Mythos Four, the character bursts through a boulder, and a dragon then appears behind them. Not only is the animation quite well done, but the appearance of the dragon gives it a very cool look that Free Fire players have liked.

5) Flower of Love


Flower of Love, often known as the Propose emote, is incredibly popular among the Free Fire's community, and players frequently request developers to reintroduce it. It was previously featured in a top-up event, and there is a chance that it could return to a Valentine's Day-themed event or Emote Party.

When utilized, the character drops down on a knee and hands out a flower. For all the fans out there, this emote is particularly emotional, and players can use it to show their affection and appreciation to their teammates.

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