5 best Free Fire MAX pets for rank push after OB34 update

The updated list of pets useful in rank matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
The updated list of pets useful in rank matches (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Sanjiv Jaiswal

Pushing rank in Free Fire MAX is quite a challenging task. Mobile gamers must be good at the game and have certain executable plans to win matches handily. Among several elements, Free Fire MAX pets play a notable role in boosting users' performance in matches.

Pets hold distinct abilities that aid players in specific combat situations. Pets will also enhance players' equipped skill combinations if paired with suitable characters.

FF MAX players should be aware of the latest changes and optimizations in the battle royale shooter to move hand in hand with the new meta and increase their chances of winning matches.

With the arrival of the Free Fire MAX OB34 update, developers introduced a new Clash Squad rank season. Gamers can use any of the following pets to push rank this season, including the BR season as well.

List of the best Free Fire Max pets to push rank following the OB34 update

5) Mr. Waggor


Ability: Smooth Gloo

At the minimum level, Mr. Waggor's Smooth Gloo generates one gloo wall every 120 seconds if the user has no gloo wall available in their inventory. On the flip side, at the maximum level, even if users have two gloo wall grenades, Smooth Gloo produces one gloo wall every 100 seconds.

Gloo walls are arguably the most vital piece of equipment on the battlegrounds as users can deploy gloo walls to defend against enemies' lethal attacks. The more walls they have, the more confidently they can engage in gunfights. Hence, Mr. Waggor is a splendid pet for everyone looking to push rank.

4) Finn


Ability: Dash Splash

Finn is the newest pet in Free Fire MAX, as revealed in the OB34 update. It has a skill called Dash Splash, which boosts the movement speed of the user and allies by 4 percent within a 20-meter radius of a knock or elimination spot.

While at the minimum level, the effect lasts for only two seconds with a CD (cooldown) of 120 seconds, at the maximum level, the skill will stay activated for five seconds with a CD of 90 seconds.

3) Zasil


Ability: Extra Luck

At a minimum level, while using Zasil's Extra Luck ability, every time users consume medkits, inhalers, or repair kits, there is a 25 percent chance of getting an additional one. It has a CD of 120 seconds.

However, the chance of getting the extra kit jumps to 50 percent, while the CD drops to 70 seconds at the maximum level. Zasil is pretty useful in critical battles when users lack aid kits.

2) Agent Hop


Ability: Bouncing Bonus

With Agent Hop's Bouncing Bonus ability, players gain 30 EP when the safe zone shrinks. While this is at the minimum level, users will receive 50 EP at the maximum level.

Bouncing Bonus is highly effective in battle royale matches while crossing safe zones. Users can gain the best advantage by combining it with the K character. K will steadily convert the gained EP at a higher rate and will consequently help players sustain a higher HP.

1) Detective Panda


Ability: Panda's Blessings

Detective Panda is one of the oldest pets but is still a very capable companion in Free Fire MAX. When using its ability, Panda's Blessing, at a minimum level, users will restore 4 HPs for each elimination they confirm. HP recovery increases to 10 HP at the maximum level.

Most players should already have this fantastic pet. However, those who do not own it will either have to exchange 699 diamonds in the store or wait for a chance to claim the pet for free as it keeps appearing in the shooter title via several in-game events.

Note: The Free Fire MAX pets listed above are entirely based on the writer's personal opinion.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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