10 best Free Fire gloo wall skin designs as of May 2022

Listing the best gloo wall skins in Free Fire as of May 2022 (Image via Garena)
Listing the best gloo wall skins in Free Fire as of May 2022 (Image via Garena)
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In Garena Free Fire, gloo walls are crucial as weapons as they strengthen players' defense regardless of the mode or combat situation. Usually, players can quickly deploy a gloo wall. Still, it is pretty challenging to master special tricks like 360° deployment.

However, gloo walls are not solely famous for their tactical prowess. They are an excellent way to show off awesome skins and designs on the battlefield in a Garena Free Fire match. Hence, fan-favorite gloo wall cosmetics remain in demand all the time.

However, the developers have maintained the rarity of the gloo wall skins in the game. Players can spot cosmetics for gloo walls only on rare occasions via in-game events, while other skins and collectibles are relatively easier to acquire in Garena's battle royale shooter.

Note: The list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's opinions. As of February 2022, Free Fire has been banned in India, so gamers should install the MAX variant.

10 best gloo walls in Garena Free Fire that have amazing designs

Despite the unavailability of gloo wall skins in the game due to their high level of rarity, players don't leave any stone unturned to acquire them. Users continue to wait for the arrival of gloo wall skins with exceptional designs to arrive in Garena Free Fire.

However, there is no sure-shot guarantee of the arrival of a specific skin. Therefore, players can only hope for their favorite skin to arrive. They can also check the top-10 list of the following beautiful gloo wall skins with astonishing designs.

1) Aurora Core

Every month brings a new lineup of events in the game, and February 2022 welcomed the Squad Beatz series. The unique dance-themed series brought a plethora of impressive prizes, mostly paid.

In the first week of February, players spotted the "Squad Beatz Top Up" event that introduced one of the best gloo wall skins, Aurora Core. The visually pleasant gloo wall cosmetic was available alongside another beautiful motorbike skin.

Aurora Core gloo wall has a crystal-like design that uses purple, gold, and blue colors.

2) Spikey Spine


Second on the list is the impressive Spikey Spine skin with a grayish colored body and purple-pink horn-like spikes. It was first seen in the game in 2020, and the remarkable design led to its ultimate fame.

The skin became a fan-favorite item in the game due to its exceptional design, so it made multiple returns in-game on many occasions. A few months back, Spikey Spine gloo wall skin was seen in events like Diwali Pass and Moco Store.

3) Victory Charge


Developers brought the "Free Fire x McLaren" collaboration in July 2021, resulting in the arrival of several special edition items. Victory Charge gloo wall skin was among the unique McLaren-themed rewards users received via the collaboration.

Victory Charge gloo wall skin has an impressive golden-black body with a design of blue-colored glowing tires. The gloo wall cosmetic was available in the 'McLaren Top Up' event. The themed event allowed gamers to obtain the skin after buying 500 diamonds.

4) Deceptive Fearless


The BTS-themed Deceptive Fearless skin is another impressive gloo wall cosmetic that was available in Garena Free Fire in April 2022. The glowing pink-colored gloo wall skin is visually very pleasant, having become available via the 'BTS Top Up II' event.

The Deceptive Fearless gloo wall skin was available as a 300-diamond top up prize.

5) Gold Vault


Gold Vault gloo wall skin is another special edition Money Heist-themed item seen in the popular Spanish crime drama show's second collaboration. It was accessible in December 2021 via a themed event, 'Reload Target Down.'

As the name suggests, the gloo wall skin featured a vault-like design alongside a golden lock wheel, which was even more special due to its Money Heist connection.

6) Death Guardian


The sixth gloo wall skin on this list is Death Guardian, which has been among the most epic skins ever released in Garena Free Fire. It featured a guardian mask with red glowing eyes on a golden-silver body. Thus, the Death Guardian gloo wall automatically became a fan-favorite due to its iconic design.

Garena introduced the Death Guardian gloo wall skin in the game in July 2020 through the 'Rampage Top Up' event. However, despite its popularity, many players could not unlock the cosmetic, and consequently, it became one of the rarest skins in the game.

7) Nuclear Bunker


Nuclear Bunker is one of the rarest gloo wall skins in Garena Free Fire, but it has also become overtly famous due to its military-themed design. It was available in the 'Tribal Scarf Top Up' event in July 2020.

It is pretty clear by the name that the gloo wall skin's design resembled a bunker gate that featured a nuclear.

8) Cobra Strike

The eighth entry on this list is the Cobra Strike skin which developers introduced in a February 2021 event. Garena brought the Cobra Party event that featured a lineup of collectibles like item skins, alongside the Cobra Rage bundle.

Among the featured items was the Cobra Strike gloo wall skin, which boasted a design of a red serpent head with fangs. Due to the intricate design, the Cobra-themed gloo wall has become one of the most impressive collectibles in Free Fire.

9) Swordsman Legends


In November 2020, the 'Swordsman Legends Top Up' event resulted in the arrival of three beautiful collectibles in Garena Free Fire. A unique gloo wall skin was among the three items available in the event.

The mauve-colored Swordsman Legends gloo wall was a free top-up reward that players could unlock after they bought a minimum of 500 diamonds. However, the popularity of the beautiful gloo wall skin decreased after its initial release.

10) Angel Wings


The final gloo wall skin featured on this list is the Angel Wings gloo wall that players were able to acquire through Incubator almost a year back. Thus, the Angel Wings skin was not easy to obtain as an Incubator item.

Still, the dark blue-colored gloo wall cosmetic was pretty popular due to its simpler design. It featured two white angelic wings that made the gloo wall skin quite mesmerizing. However, it is yet to make a return to Garena Free Fire after the developers removed it the first time around.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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