3 best Free Fire character and pet combos for pushing rank

These Free Fire characters and pets work amazingly when paired together (Image via Sportskeeda)
These Free Fire characters and pets work amazingly when paired together (Image via Sportskeeda)

Rank pushing is no walk in the park for most Free Fire players. It takes a lot of planning, hard work, and hours to execute. Even after getting everything right, things don't always go according to plan.

Players fail to gain any rank and stagnate wherever they are. Thankfully, there is a way to break this deadlock. By using certain characters and pets in combination, the odds of successfully rank pushing can be improved.


Note: Sportskeeda does not encourage Indian players to play Free Fire since it is banned in the country. They can opt for the MAX version instead.

Character and pet combinations in Free Fire for rank pushes

3) DJ Alok + Rockie


DJ Alok is one of the best characters to use for rank pushes in Free Fire. His ability, Drop The Beat, enables the squad to stay alive through thick and thin. With HP recovery and bonus movement speed, it'll be difficult for opponents to get the upper hand.

Although he's already a perfect fit for the task, his cooldown time, which stands at 45 seconds, is rather high in some situations. This is where Rockie's skill, Stay Chill, comes into use. It can reduce the cooldown time of active abilities by 6% at the base level. This will allow DJ Alok to use his ability more frequently.

2) Nairi + Robo


Nairi has established a place for himself in-game due to his tactics on the battlefield. His ability, Ice Iron, grants him buffs while using gloo walls. Each gloo wall placed will recover 20% of its durability every second. This makes it harder to destroy. Additionally, while using an AR, damage output towards gloo walls is increased by 20%.

Given that his specialization is gloo walls, having Robo as his companion makes perfect sense. Its skill, Wall Enforcement, reinforces gloo walls by adding a shield over them. At the base level, the shield grants 60 HP extra to the gloo wall. Combined with durability recovery, destroying these gloo walls won't be a task for any opponent.

1) A124 + Ottero


A124 has become an apex character following the Free Fire OB33 update. Her ability, Thrill Of Battle, has gone from healing her to disabling others in combat. When activated, all opponents with a 20-meter radius lose access to their abilities for 20 seconds. This leaves them handicapped to an extent and makes it easier for players to secure kills.

However, for the ability to have any effect, players should trigger it while close to the enemy. This being the case, sustaining damage will become unavoidable. It is where Ottero's skill, Double Blubber, comes into play. Players can recover HP and EP while using medkits. HP will sustain them in battle, while the EP will provide a cushion of extra potential health.

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