5 best Free Fire MAX rewards teased in new Holi event calendar (March 2022)

There are several rewards present as part of the Holi events (Image via Garena)
There are several rewards present as part of the Holi events (Image via Garena)
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Events are vital for players of Free Fire MAX since they allow them to earn free rewards within the game, and the developers have constantly been adding new ones. Even before the ongoing Free Fire x Assassin's Creed event's end, Garena has released content centered around the Holi festivities.

They have also released a detailed event calendar, which showcases the dates of the events that will be introduced to the game. Here are the best rewards that gamers will be able to acquire through them.

Top 5 Free Fire MAX rewards teased in Holi event calendar

5) Funky Knight Helmet (Login Reward)

It is present as part of a Login Reward (Image via Garena)
It is present as part of a Login Reward (Image via Garena)

The Funky Knight Helmet can be found in the event calendar's 'Login Reward' section. Users will be able to get it for free on 19 March, the peak day of the celebrations. They will not be required to perform any tasks and will be able to claim it just by logging into Free Fire MAX on the designated day.

4) Facepaint (Dodge the Balloon)


As part of the forthcoming 'Dodge the Balloon' event, players will also be able to obtain a Holi-themed Facepaint. The specific event will be accessible between 14 and 20 March, and they will have further information as soon as it begins in the coming days.

It will likely be a mini-game that gamers will have to play.

3) Holi Swagger Jeep Skin (Gather Balloons, Make a Splash)


Holi Swagger Jeep Skin can be acquired through the Gather Balloons, Make a Splash event, which has already commenced within the battle royale title. The skin looks pretty attractive, and users are recommended not to miss their chance to acquire it for absolutely no cost.

They must accumulate 30 red balloons, 10 orange balloons, and 20 blue balloons.

2) Prismatic Warrior Bundle (Snakes & Ladder)


The Prismatic Warrior Bundle will be made available to players in the Snakes & Ladder event, which will be accessible in Free Fire MAX between 14-20 March. The male outfit is one of the highlights and has caught the attention of tons of gamers.

As the event's name suggests, they will need to play a mini-game based on the classic 'Snakes & Ladder.'

1) Switching Steps Emote (Gather Balloons, Make a Splash)


Emotes are among the rarest items that many users within Free Fire MAX wish to acquire. However, the most common ones require a hefty number of diamonds. Through the 'Gather Balloons, Make a Splash' event, a free emote in the form of Switching Steps will be provided.

Like the Holi Swagger Jeep Skin, players will have to accumulate a particular number of balloons.

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