5 best Free Fire pets to pair with K in 2022

K was buffed in OB31 update (Image via Sportskeeda)
K was buffed in OB31 update (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aniket Thakkar

Most pets in Free Fire have a skill, and while they do have a small degree of effect on the gameplay compared to the characters, their roles are not insignificant. Pairing the right pet with the character further boosts efficiency and enables users to win even more games.

K is a popular character in the game primarily due to his active ability, allowing gamers to heal themselves without using medkits. One of its modes (Psychology) gets back EP while Jiu-jitsu boosts the EP conversion rate.

Since all pets are priced at 699 diamonds within the store, gamers need to exercise caution while purchasing one to use with this character.

Characters worth using with K in Free Fire

After K's buff in the OB31 update, some Free Fire players might believe that pets or other characters offering additional EP should be avoided with K. However, obtaining extra EP during the fight is always a nice perk to have.

5) Falco

Falco (Image via Free Fire)
Falco (Image via Free Fire)

Falco is useful in Battle Royale mode, especially when players attempt to land a hot drop. Getting to the weapons first might be the difference between life and death at these locations.

Falco's "Skyline Spree" addresses a similar issue by initially increasing the gliding speed by 15% after skydiving and 25% after diving speed. At the highest level, the benefit is set at a 45% rise in gliding speed and a 50% increase in dividing speed.

4) Dreki

Dreki (Image via Free Fire)
Dreki (Image via Free Fire)

Dreki has "Dragon Glare" skill, allowing owners to spot one enemy using a medkit within a 10m range in 3 seconds. When the pet achieves its maximum level, players will profit from detecting four opponents who have been utilizing medkits with a distance of 30 meters, which will last for 5 seconds.

Users will be able to engage in close-range combat even more successfully. Rushing on the opponents when using medkits adds an element of surprise that can simply take out the enemies.

3) Agent Hop

Agent Hop (Image via Free Fire)
Agent Hop (Image via Free Fire)

When the safe zone shrinks, Agent Hop provides the EP back. At the first level, players will recover 30 EP, while 50 EP will be acquired at the maximum level as the safe zone shrinks.

With Agent Hop's Bouncing Bonus, gamers will automatically receive more EP, which may be used successfully in the last few circles with many foes around. Users can quickly convert this into HP through Jiu-jitsu mode.

2) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)
Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)

Mr. Waggor provides essential utility items within the game, i.e., Gloo Wall grenades. "Smooth Gloo" ability at level one provides 1 Gloo Wall grenade every 120 seconds whenever the owner has none available.

There is a change in the ability at the maximum level, as it will provide one grenade every 100 seconds when players possess less than two of these. Gloo Walls are essential at the highest level and offer cover.

1) Ottero

Ottero (Image via Free Fire)
Ottero (Image via Free Fire)

Ottero's "Double Blubber" is by far one of the most effective abilities to be utilized with K within Free Fire. It comes into effect when players use treatment guns or medkits as the receiver will also replenish EP simultaneously. Initially, the EP recovered is 35% of HP regained, set at 65% at the highest level.

Thus, gamers will get around 48 EP back after utilizing a medkit to quickly convert to HP. As a result, gamers stop worrying about quickly gaining HP.

Note: The choice of pets is subjective. The list given below is based on the writer's opinion.

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