5 best Garena Free Fire MAX characters like Chrono and Skyler

There are several character choices for players (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are several character choices for players (Image via Sportskeeda)

Players in Free Fire MAX can choose from a wide variety of characters, each of which has a unique set of abilities. Aside from this, developers regularly incorporate new and intriguing characters into the game with each new update.

Since the release of Chrono and Skyler in the OB25 and OB26 updates, both characters have become fan favorites, with players utilizing their incredible skills โ€“ Time Turner and Riptide Rhythm โ€“ to great effect. The following list dives into a few other strong Free Fire characters players should explore.

Best characters in Free Fire MAX

5) A124

A124 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
A124 (Image via Free Fire MAX)

A124 is a fantastic character that players can use to convert EP to HP, providing a great source of healing. The thrill of Battle will convert 60 EP to HP within 4 seconds, which implies 60 HP recovered. It is a considerable amount when the health is low.

In addition to this, there is a 10-second cooldown. However, the only problem with A124 is that there is no way to scavenge EP like K. Thus, users might struggle to find mushrooms. It is even more helpful in Clash Squad mode. Since the character is now available for gold, users can easily combine it with Miguel to gain EP with every kill.

4) Dimitri

Dimitri (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Dimitri (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Dimitri was added during the Free Fire 4th Anniversary celebration after collaborating with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. The character has similar abilities to Alok and its ability generates a 3.5 diameter healing zone. In addition to providing three health points per second for 15 seconds at the highest level, this zone allows allies within it to self-recover if they are downed, which is a bonus.

As a result, users can activate the abilities close to downed teammates and reposition again without manually reviving them. If users utilize it for healing and are knocked out, they will also have the option to self-recover.

There is a cooldown of 60 seconds at max level, which is not much considering the impact of a healing heartbeat.

3) Xayne

Xayne (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Xayne (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Xayne is also well suited for aggressive gameplay in any mode, i.e., clash squad or battle royale. Xtreme Encounter provides users with an additional 80 HP over the next 10 seconds; as a result, users will be able to absorb additional damage while pushing on their enemies. At the same time, damage to Gloo Walls and shields will be buffed by 100% at level 6.

Thus, it can be a good counter to Gloo Wall and Chrono shields. In the meantime, players can only utilize that ability every 100 seconds.

2) K

K (Image via Free Fire MAX)
K (Image via Free Fire MAX)

K has multiple aspects to ability โ€“ Master of All and it has two separate modes. Psychology mode replenishes 2 EP every 2 seconds to 150 EP. More importantly, the Jiu Jitsu mode boosts the EP conversion rate with a 6m radius by 500%, translating to 5 EP to HP every second. Gamers switch between either of these modes every 3 seconds.

Gamers can first use the character to gain EP, and then this EP can be quickly converted to HP. Moreover, users can pair it with Ottero and combine it with Miguel to make it even more effective. While in Clash Squad mode, purchasing additional mushrooms can do the trick.

1) Alok

Alok (Image via Free Fire)
Alok (Image via Free Fire)

Alok is, without a doubt, the most compelling character within Free Fire. Although released a few years ago, Drop the Beat still beats many of the newly released characters. It creates a 5m aura within which users gain 5 HP per second for 10 seconds, while the movement speed is also raised by 10% at the highest level.

Drop the Beat is a constant source of health points since there is only a minimal cooldown of 45 seconds. Moreover, the additional speed further makes it very versatile.

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