5 best legendary emotes released in Free Fire MAX so far (July 2022)

Here are some of the most iconic emotes released so far (Image via Sportskeeda)
Here are some of the most iconic emotes released so far (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Sanjiv Jaiswal

Emotes are one of the most sought-after collectibles in Free Fire MAX. Players use them to convey how they feel on the battlefields.

Numerous emotes have been introduced to the battle royale title, and the new entries are still quite active. However, only a few of them are considered 'Legendary' emotes in the community.

Such emotes are pretty rare and valuable in many aspects, helping users stand out from the crowd.

Note: Despite two different titles, emotes released in Free Fire are also accessible via its MAX variant. Hence, releases for either title are included in this article. Note that the article solely reflects the author's opinions.

Free Fire MAX: Indexing the most legendary emotes unveiled as of July 2022

5) Flower of Love


The Flower of Love emote is one of the rarest emotes in Free Fire MAX. When this animation starts, the user character takes out a flower (rose) and acts as if it is proposing someone.

The said emote first arrived in 2019 via the Valentine's Top Up event and has been on and off circulation. It remains a highly coveted emote in the community. Looking at past trends, this specific emote is likely to be available again on the upcoming Valentine's Day or in an Emote Party event.

Emote description: Make love, not war.

4) Cobra Dance


Revealed through the Cobra Ascension Luck Royale event in February 2021, Cobra Dance is a highly-rated emote that is owned by a very limited number of players. It is a very long-running animation and has some flashy movements.

Interestingly, this legendary gesture allows others in the squad to make the same moves. The Cobra Dance emote is rare indeed, as it has hardly made its return in Free Fire MAX.

Emote Description: Able to lead a dance in squad.

3) Pirate's Flag


The Pirate's Flag emote is one of the oldest masterpieces and is still loved by Free Fire MAX gamers. This special gesture expresses the feeling of victory by hoisting the flag. The user's in-game nickname is displayed on top of the flag, making this a very unique emote.

The popular emote was first seen at the Pirate's Top Up event in March 2020 and has revisited the shooter title several times. Surprisingly, it is still one of the rarest items in the game.

Emote Description: I leave a mark wherever I go.

2) I'm Rich


The I'm Rich emote made its way to the action-packed mobile shooter during the Money Heist collaboration event in September 2020. Surprisingly, it was obtainable through the in-game store at a fixed diamond price.

When the emote is in playing mode, a bed made of money appears, and the user character showcases some actions over the bed in quite a humorous way. Thus, players can activate it on the battleground to get a chuckle out of the lobby.

Emote Description: The greatest heist means the greatest payday!

1) FFWC Throne Emote


Launched in the Free Fire World Cup (FFWC) event in 2019, the FFWC Throne Emote is the second emote on this list that expresses triumph. Although it has returned to the BR title many times via the Emote Party and distinct in-game events, it is still one of the rarest emotes.

The animation depicts the user sitting on a throne, reflecting the user's great triumph in the war.

Emote Description: I am the only Champion.

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