5 best locations on Free Fire's Bermuda map for loot and rank push

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena Free Fire is a competitive game that majorly focuses on survival. Revolving around the Battle Royale theme, it also offers a ranking system that pushes players to ace their gameplay.

The higher the rank tier, better the credibility of the player. Hence, they always strive to get the best out of every ranked match they play. However, for rank pushing, gamers must stay low-key and avoid crowded places on the map.

Free Fire offers three maps, of which Bermuda is the most popular one, where players tend to play ranked matches. This article shares the five best locations in this arena that offer decent loot with maximum survival chances.

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What are the best locations for looting and rank pushing on Free Fire's Bermuda map?

Note: It is always recommended to land as far as possible from the trajectory of the plane. It is essential to know that the "safe" criteria depend on the flight path. Also, safe places do not have a high amount of loot but a decent amount sufficient for surviving.

#1 - Waterfront

Waterfront in Free Fire
Waterfront in Free Fire

Waterfront is at the far north-western side of the map. It is located at the very edge of the island and comprises a few constructions and small houses that dot a beach.

The loot available here is adequate for a solo player or a single squad.

#2 - Cape Town


Cape Town is one of the largest areas on the Bermuda map, located in the island's eastern region. The place is a massive complex of several tightly packed buildings and houses.

It contains an ample amount of loot (even level 3 gears) to fulfill the required loot of a squad for the rest of the game.

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#3 - Sentosa


Sentosa is located on the extreme south-eastern side of the map. It is an excluded island on the Bermuda map connected with the main island via a single bridge.

This place comprises several buildings and small apartments with ample loot to suffice the players' needs.

#4 - Hangar

Hangar in Free Fire
Hangar in Free Fire

Hangar is situated on the far west side of the Bermuda map in Free Fire, alongside two major warehouses and many other small buildings.

It has a lot of loot items for players and usually is not too packed and crowded. It is a secure place to land and has plenty of locations where gamers can flee to avoid early combat.

#5 - Rim Nam Village

Rim Nam Village in Free Fire
Rim Nam Village in Free Fire

The Rim Nam Village is an extension of the Bermuda map on the south-western area. It is a small village comprising of several buildings and huts.

It contains decent loot and is a very efficient place for hiding from enemies and avoiding fights to gain maximum rank points.

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Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

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