5 best male characters in Free Fire

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Characters play a significant role in shaping the gameplay in Garena Free Fire, providing a unique battle royale experience to players.

Unlike traditional BR games, Free Fire allows players to pick characters to suit their playing style. These characters have unique active and passive abilities that enable gamers to delve more into their natural playstyle.

There are over 30 characters currently, and it can be a daunting task to pick the best ones to suit the players' requirements perfectly.

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Top five male characters in Free Fire

#1 - DJ Alok

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

DJ Alok never leaves the top spot for best characters, and for all the right reasons. His kit is versatile and allows players to play aggressively and survive tough fights. His active ability, Drop the Beat, creates a 5m aura that heals every teammate and gives them increased moving and sprinting speed.

The increased speed helps a lot in flanking enemies, making him one of the most popular picks among professional players.

#2 - K

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

K is one of the newest characters to be added into the game and has one of the most unprecedented abilities in Free Fire. His active skill, Master of All, has two parts, dealing with EP for the player and his squad.

Jiu-Jitsu Mode increases 500% in EP conversion rate and affects teammates if they are inside the aura. The Psychology Mode gives players and their team 2 EP every 2 seconds up to 150, allowing them to generate EP without consuming Mushrooms. He is a powerful healer for squads and an outstanding character overall.

#3 - Jai

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Jai is one of the best aggressive characters in Free Fire. His passive ability, Raging Reload, refills gun magazines after taking an enemy out, allowing him to go on a killing spree without worrying about reloading.

He can be used to rush camping enemies and is an excellent counter to defensive players. He can also be supported by team heals, making him a daunting juggernaut to be dealt with on the battleground.

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#4 - Hayato

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Hayato has one of the most underrated passive abilities in the game. Bushido enhances the player's armor penetration based on how low his health is. Therefore, he could be an excellent pick for turning the tables in a lost fight.

Hayato particularly excels in taking on disadvantageous fights and catching enemies by surprise with his high-armor-penetration-based damage. He is a safe pick for playing competitive matches in Free Fire.

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#5 - Joseph

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Joseph has one of the best scouting and defensive abilities in the game. His passive ability, Nutty Movement, allows him to temporarily gain movement speed that increases upon taking damage.

This speed boost can be used to eliminate enemies and take cover quickly. It is also useful to escape the enemy's flanks and get a better vantage point to take them out without getting caught.

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