5 best passive character abilities in Free Fire MAX (March 2022)

Many users hunt for the best characters with passive abilities (Image via Sportskeeda)
Many users hunt for the best characters with passive abilities (Image via Sportskeeda)

There are several characters in Free Fire MAX, and their unique skills can be critical to a match’s outcome. Abilities in the game are classified as either active or passive. The former must be manually activated while the latter is constantly active.

Tons of new characters have been incorporated into the battle royale title through updates, providing players with more options. This typically confuses the community, leading them to look for the best choices.

Note: The list below is based on the writer’s opinion.

Top 5 passive character abilities in Free Fire MAX (March 2022)

5) Maro

  • Ability: Falcon Fervor
  • Description: Maro is a professional falconer.

Maro is the in-game persona of Mohamed Ramadan, and his ability in Free Fire MAX increases the damage dealt (up to 5%) with an increase in distance. It also raises the damage to marked enemies by 1%.

Upon reaching the highest level, the damage dealt increases by up to 25%, while the damage on tagged foes surges by 3.5%.

Using this, players become more potent while engaging in mid/long-range encounters.

4) Moco

  • Ability: Hacker’s Eye
  • Description: Moco is an outstanding hacker.

Moco is used in several character combinations, primarily because of her incredible skill. At the lowest level, the enemies that players shoot get tagged for two seconds. Furthermore, the location of the tagged foe is shared with teammates.

After the character is raised to the maximum level in Free Fire MAX, the duration of the tag will be five seconds. Additionally, individuals can complete the awakening process of Moco to benefit from the ability of its awakened version.

3) Dasha

  • Ability: Partying On
  • Description: Dasha is a prankster and rebel

Dasha ability results in a 30% reduction in the damage taken from falls, with recovery time also getting lowered by 60%. The rate of recoil buildup and maximum recoil is lessened by 6% as well.

When Dasha is at the peak level, damage and recovery time from falls are dropped by 50% and 80%, respectively. Furthermore, the recoil buildup and max recoil get reduced by 10%.

2) Luqueta

  • Ability: Hat Trick
  • Description: Luqueta is an up and rising soccer star

Luqueta is yet another fantastic option, and the name of his passive ability in Free Fire MAX is Hat Trick. Each kill that players get on the battlefield increases their maximum health by 10, up to 50.

At the highest level (6), the maximum HP will be increased by 25, up to 50 after every kill. Getting two frags during a match will make the player's max health 250. This ability greatly increases the chances of survival.

1) Jota

  • Ability: Sustained Raids
  • Description: Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman

Jota is the best option for a character with a passive ability, and is pretty much perfect for individuals who want to play aggressively. His ability recovers some health for the players when they hit an opponent using a gun. Also, knocking down an adversary will recover 10% of their health.

Once Jota is at the highest level in Free Fire MAX, the percentage of health recovered after taking down an enemy will become 20%.

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