5 best tips and tricks to use Gloo Walls like pro players in Free Fire and FF MAX

Gloo Walls are very beneficial (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gloo Walls are very beneficial (Image via Sportskeeda)

As players progress through the ranks of Free Fire and its MAX version, utility items become increasingly vital to their overall performance in matches. Proper utilization of Gloo Walls and other projectiles like grenades could prove to be the difference between a win and a loss.

Gloo Walls have emerged as the single most important piece of utility that players must utilize to progress through the ranks of the game. Although it provides immediate shelter when out in the open, it may also be used in other circumstances, including both offense and defense.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. However, they may engage in Free Fire MAX.

Tips for using Gloo Walls in Free Fire and MAX version

1) Timing


The ability to place Gloo Walls with precise timing distinguishes a competent player from an amateur in Free Fire. Gamers should use these when they find themselves in a situation where opponents are rushing them or when receiving fire from a particular direction.

If gamers fail to do so promptly, they will likely be eliminated without much resistance. Additionally, these Gloo Walls are rather valuable and should not be wasted. Thus, individuals should avoid utilizing them when good cover is present around them.

Players can only master the timings by playing more matches and acquiring expertise.

2) 360° Gloo Wall and other tricks


Users should be comfortable performing several tricks with Gloo Walls, including the 360° trick in Free Fire MAX. This essentially involves placing these walls all around the character, blocking fire from all directions and providing momentary respite.

Individuals can heal themselves or even revive their fallen teammates. However, performing this is not the easiest task, requiring gamers to be relatively quick with their movement aside from being comfortable with Gloo Walls.

3) Use while rushing


Rushing plays a crucial role in the battle royale game. However, this cannot be performed effectively without Gloo Walls, particularly in an open region. By positioning Gloo Walls at regular intervals, players may build platforms to cross the fields and into compounds.

Free Fire players will also likely be subjected to heavy fire from the opposing side. These walls will aid in minimizing the damage they incur. As a result, gamers will have an easier time closing the gap.

4) Defense


The primary purpose of the Gloo Wall is in the area of defense. Using these, players can fend off or delay rushing opponents by blockading buildings or even surrounding themselves with these until reinforcements arrive.

The use of Gloo Walls in defense is a split-second choice that saves the team from being forced to play with a man disadvantage.

5) Distracting the enemy and continuous practice


Players can strategically place Gloo Walls in the last few zones to deceive foes about their location. This is likely to generate confusion and will occasionally result in easy kills. This is facilitated by Beaston, which improves utilities' throwing distance by 30%.

Gamers must train their skills in the Gloo Wall section of the training island, as there is no substitute for practice. This will assist them in swiftly placing Gloo Walls in the direction from which they are receiving damage.

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