5 best ways to get cheap diamonds in Free Fire MAX OB34 update

Best ways to claim diamonds at lower prices in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best ways to claim diamonds at lower prices in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Diamonds and gold are two ways of completing transactions in Garena Free Fire MAX and its eponymous lighter variant. One can acquire gold by playing matches, completing tasks, signing into the game daily, and via various other modes. However, diamonds are precious and can only be procured by paying real money.

A section of users cannot afford to purchase diamonds in Free Fire MAX as most of them are teens who are not financially independent. Thus, they often try different methods to acquire diamonds cheaply or free. Fortunately, there are still other ways to obtain diamonds at lower prices or pay no money.

Best ways to obtain diamonds for free or at lower prices after Free Fire MAX's OB34 update

Before readers can have a look at the following list, they should remember to avoid using any illegitimate method like diamond generators. Such ways of acquiring in-game currency are nothing more than a fraud and may cause harm to users by plenty of other means. Fans can read more about diamond generators here.

Here are the five best ways to get cheap or free diamonds in Free Fire MAX after the OB34 update:

1) Weekly Membership (Subscription)


The Weekly Membership plan in Garena's popular BR shooter allows users to grab many prizes. Such prizes include as many as 450 diamonds, alongside other rewards that cost around 425 diamonds. If players choose the subscription option, they can get an additional 100 diamonds for the first week.

The membership provides diamonds as login rewards, which gamers can claim daily. As per the game, one can early 440% benefits by purchasing the Weekly Membership for just ₹ 159 (Indian region). Furthermore, users can also pay using Google Play Balance.

2) Monthly Membership


Unlike the previous method, the Monthly Membership doesn't have any subscription privileges. Thus, users will have to renew their membership manually after the end of the previous one.

However, the other benefits are relatively higher than the Weekly Membership, i.e., total benefits of around 616%. The Monthly Membership also grants as many as 2600 diamonds.

Other benefits from the plan include rewards worth 3500 diamonds. Therefore, one can renew their membership plans after each monthly cycle by paying ₹ 799 to claim all the benefits.

3) Google Opinion Rewards


Players can top-up diamonds or purchase their desired membership plan in Garena Free Fire MAX with Google Play Balance. Thus, users can employ the tech giant's survey app to earn Google Play Balance.

Known as Google Opinion Rewards, the tech company's survey app allows users to answer various questions based on their travel history, search results, or random topics. At the end of each survey, users can get Google Play Balance.

After earning enough Google Play Balance, gamers can open their apps and purchase diamonds using the same. Thus, in a way, Google Opinion Rewards grants diamonds for free.

However, the generation of surveys is quite inconsistent, which may make the process time-consuming. Therefore, players can also use similar apps like Easy Rewards, Poll Pay, Swagbucks, etc.

These GPT (get-paid-to) applications don't always offer Google Play Balance, but players can earn gift cards, which they can use in Free Fire MAX to claim diamonds at no cost.

4) Booyah app


Garena has a streaming application known as Booyah, which allows regular gamers and popular streamers to upload Free Fire and FF MAX content. Thus, the Booyah app is a platform for FF and FF MAX fans to create content related to the game.

Additionally, the Booyah app also grants free rewards to gamers who register a certain amount of time by watching the streams of their favorite content creators. Moreover, certain Booyah app events in Free Fire MAX also grant free diamonds from time to time.

5) Redemption codes for diamonds


The final entry on this list is the redemption codes that grant users free rewards. These 12/16 character codes with upper case alphabets and numbers provide various rewards like crates and skins. However, on rare occasions, players can also win free diamonds.

Thus, users should keep an eye on the codes for the diamonds released by the developers for their region.

Disclaimer: The article solely reflects the author's personal views and is not in any particular order.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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