5 best weapons every player should use in Garena Free Fire

These are some of the the best weapons in Free Fire (image via Sportskeeda)
These are some of the the best weapons in Free Fire (image via Sportskeeda)
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Weapons make a massive difference during combat in Free Fire. Having the right one for the job is as important as the skills needed to use it. While there are many to choose from, only a few have become the meta-weapon of choice in-game.


While these weapons may be hard to acquire during the match, players should try them out if they get the chance. Once mastered, they will greatly aid the user in securing a Booyah.

Every Free Fire player should try out these weapons in-game



SCAR is one of the best assault rifles in Free Fire. It can easily be found during a match and offers excellent all-around performance. If players manage to find weapon attachments, the gun outperforms most others.

To use a SCAR efficiently in combat, users need to aim down sight and fire in short bursts. Despite the relatively low recoil, the weapon can go off course while sustaining fire.

4) Woodpecker


Woodpecker can only be described as the perfect hybrid weapon in-game. Players familiar with ARs will have no trouble adjusting to this gun. While the low magazine count can become an issue, the armor-penetrating damage compensates for the same.

Since it comes with an inbuilt scope, users will only have to worry about finding a foregrip, stock either a muzzle or silencer for the weapon. Players with high accuracy will enjoy landing headshots with the Woodpecker.

3) UMP


When it comes to close-range or mid-range combat, the UMP is by far one of the best SMGs in Free Fire. It is perfect for beginners and players wanting something with a kick.

The salient feature of this weapon is its armor penetration ability. When aiming for the center of mass, much damage can be inflicted within mere seconds. Even opponents with high-level vests will get knocked down with ease.

2) M1887


Of all the weapons in Free Fire, the M1887 is the deadliest among them all. What it lacks in range, it makes up for in damage. A headshot from this shotgun will result in an instant knockdown or elimination in close-range.

What makes this gun so deadly is its ability to bypass armor. Players who cannot land headshots can even land body shots to eliminate their opponents.

1) Groza


Groza is one of the best hybrid weapons in-game. Despite it being an AR, it functions as a sniper. It offers players excellent stability, high damage, and low recoil at long range.

However, given its distinct features, it may not be well-suited for beginners. Nevertheless, in the hands of a veteran, the weapon can be used in most situations.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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