5 tips to increase headshot percentage in Garena Free Fire (2022)

Land headshots to swiftly take out the competition (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Land headshots to swiftly take out the competition (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Landing headshots in Free Fire is not just about showing off skill. In combat, the ability to take out opponents with one shot is crucial to victory. The faster an opponent is taken out of the equation, the less risky combat becomes.

However, mastering the ability to land consistent headshots in-game is not easy. Players take a lot of time learning the instincts and skills required to perfect their shooting technique.


Thankfully, even beginners can increase their ability to land headshots by following a few simple tips.

Improve the odds of landing headshots in Free Fire by following these simple tips

5) Get familiarized with ARs


Players need to familiarize themselves with assault rifles in-game to get better at headshots. Unlike SMGs and shotguns, these require a delicate touch and steady hand.

Due to the recoil, players will be forced to fire in short bursts. Over time, this will help steady their aim and teach them to be patient during combat. While there are many to choose from, the SCAR is the best for beginners.

4) Shoot while aiming down sight


Players have to aim down sight or be scoped-in while firing to be more accurate. Sadly, because the hip-fire mode is so good, most players will not want to shift from it.

However, as opponents get tougher and the skill gap widens, aiming down sight will become a saving grace. Players will be able to aim over long distances and land perfect headshots easily.

3) Implement drag rotation while shooting


The simple point-and-shoot method in Free Fire is the easiest to master for beginners. However, this method has to be replaced with drag rotation as time goes by.

Drag rotation is an advanced technique in-game that allows players to target opponents quickly. Rather than panning the camera from side to side, players can directly lock onto their target and start shooting using this technique.

2) Use characters with abilities that help with accuracy and recoil


While skill plays a huge role in landing headshots, there are ways to further improve accuracy in Free Fire. Particular character abilities grant passive accuracy bonuses throughout the match.

Two such characters in-game are Laura and D-Bee. Laura's Sharp Shooter ability improves accuracy by 35% while being scoped in, whereas D-Bee's Bullet Beats improves accuracy by 45% while moving and shooting.

1) Practice in training mode


Despite having good weapons and characters in-game, the only sure way to get better at landing headshots is via the training mode. This feature is accessible to all Free Fire players as soon as they begin playing the game.

Users can test out various weapons, tactics, and firing stances in the training mode to see what suits them best. This is by far the safest and most effective way to practice scoring headshots in-game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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