5 common mistakes Free Fire players make in end zones

Avoid these mistakes to make the most out of the end-zones in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid these mistakes to make the most out of the end-zones in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

The end-zones of a Battle Royale match in Free Fire are nerve-racking. Enemies are everywhere, the playable area is smaller, and supplies are limited. Surviving each encounter becomes a matter of skill and luck combined.

Nevertheless, there is hope. Despite the hardships and unconquerable odds, users can indeed grab a Booyah. By avoiding a few mistakes, surviving the end-zones becomes easy.

Avoid making these critical errors in the end zones of Free Fire

5) Engaging an opponent while being at the edge of the end-zone


As the safe-zone shrinks during a Free Fire match, users often find themselves at the edge of the end zone. If they move any more backward, they'll be out of the safe zone and may begin to take zone damage.

In this situation, engaging with an opponent is not a good idea. If they get the upper hand, the user will be slowly pushed back outside the safe zone. This drastically lowers the odds of surviving until the end.

4) Rotating without the use of smoke or cover


When rotating in the end zones, users need to ensure that they use smoke or gloo walls. The limited space makes it easy for snipers to take headshots and gain swift eliminations.

While gloo walls are best suited for the task, the smoke has an advantage. It helps conceal the user and breaks the enemy's line of sight. This makes the entire process safer.

3) Camping or hiding without a plan


As the zone shrinks, players are forced into a smaller play area. This leads to fights breaking out all across the zone. Those who remain silent observers often camp or hide to stay out of sight.

While the strategy has its benefits, it also has a few flaws. For instance, if enemies manage to surround campers, escape will be difficult. To avoid this scenario, users must always rotate before the enemy can engage or ensure an escape route is open.

2) Not having enough supplies


From the moment players land in Free Fire, acquiring loot becomes their number one priority. Without good loot, the early game phase is wasted, and the mid-game becomes more challenging than it needs to be.

However, entering the end zones without enough supplies is even worse. Without healing items, ammo, or proper armor, users will be eliminated in a heartbeat.

1) Trying to rush opponents who are dug in


Even with Skyler's Riptide Rhythm ability, rushing opponents that are fortified is not a good idea. Given their defensive strategy, they are likely to fight back and win.

Users should best avoid opponents like these in Free Fire. Alternatively, they can lay an ambush nearby and hope their opponent rotates in the general direction when the zone shrinks.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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