5 mistakes Free Fire players make while choosing the best landing spot

Mistakes while choosing landing spots in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Mistakes while choosing landing spots in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Choosing the best landing spot in Free Fire can be a monotonous task. Gamers might claim that landing spots rarely influence gameplay. However, it is the basic step that controls the flow of the match and determines the result.

Dropping onto the map without considering the pros and cons of landing at a particular spot is one of the biggest mistakes committed by gamers.

Apart from that, there are a handful of mistakes committed by gamers while choosing landing spots in Free Fire.

Avoid these mistakes while choosing landing spots in Free Fire

1) Landing at hotdrops


Some of the POIs in the maps of Free Fire offer intense action right from the beginning of the match. These locations provide gamers with quite a good amount of loot and therefore is a preferred landing spot for most gamers.

Since a lot of players drop at these locations, gamers try to eliminate everyone and rake up their kill numbers. However, survival becomes quite challenging and gamers can easily be eliminated.

2) Landing too far from the flight path


It is a known fact that the safe zones in Free Fire will be in close proximity to the flight path. However, gamers tend to overlook this aspect and pick the drop location far away from it.

Although landing far away means fewer numbers of enemies to engage with, gamers are often left to rush to the safe zone when the time runs out. In the process, they either lose significant health or end up getting knocked out and eventually eliminated.

3) Landing at the center of the map


The center of the maps in Free Fire are quite risky to land in. These areas are accessible from every nook and corner of the map and therefore enemies can turn up from any direction.

The center of the map also consists of locations that are considered favorable by gamers and can see intense action right from the moment of landing. Needless to say, landing at the center of the map should be avoided at all costs.

4) Landing at barren areas


There are several areas of land on the Free Fire maps that are completely barren and do not have any kind of cover. Landing at these locations brings two major issues for gamers.

First, gamers are open to enemy attacks and have nowhere to hide. Second, regions without proper buildings and structures do not provide gamers with loot items to gear up before engaging in combat. All in all, gamers are left vulnerable and are easily eliminated.

5) Delay in landing


Some gamers tend to take their own sweet time while landing in Free Fire. This is of major concern as landing too late will leave little or no loot for gamers to begin with in the first place.

Gamers also become vulnerable as opponents get the upper hand in getting decent loot. Therefore, gamers should be quick in deciding the landing spot and jump out of the plane without much delay.

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