5 most popular Free Fire emotes of all time

The most popular emotes of all time in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
The most popular emotes of all time in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Most notable battle royale shooters feature emotes these days, and Free Fire is no different. The popularity of the animated in-game items is unmatched as emotes have a separate fanbase among Free Fire players. Many such fans leave no stone unturned to acquire emotes.

These emotes make their way into the game through special themed events, top-up events, collaborations, and many other means. Hence, many emotes in the game can be considered rare, and these rare emotes have amassed great popularity in Free Fire.

Here are the five most popular emotes of all time in Garena Free Fire:

Which are the most popular emotes of all time in Garena Free Fire?

1) Flowers of Love (Rose emote)


Introduced via a top-up event during Valentine's week of 2019, the Flowers of Love emote has become popular over time. Although many fans did not claim it back then, it became famous through YouTubers.

Flowers of Love (Rose) emote features the animation in which the character holds a rose while being bent on one knee, signifying a proposal.

2) Doggie


There are plenty of 'dog' memes on the internet today, and it is hard to remember everyone. However, almost every fan is aware of the dancing dog's meme in which it is seen dancing with a human.

The meme's popularity led Garena to introduce a similar emote in Free Fire, in which the character recreates the meme with an in-game pet.

3) Pirate's Flag


Pirate's Flag emote is another item introduced by the developers through a top-up event, and it was one of the two items that made their way to Free Fire in March 2020 via the Pirate Top-Up event.

Available after a 500-diamond top-up, the event was avoided by many players due to its price. However, the animation features the character showcasing aggression, and shoving the flag into the ground made it quite famous.

4) I'm Rich


Everyone loves pop culture references when they find one in a game, and Free Fire has plenty of them. I'm Rich also shot to fame due to its Money Heist connection.

The emote arrived in the game through the first Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration. I'm Rich tried to replicate Denver's ( portrayed by Jaime Lorente) infamous scene where he falls upon a heap of cash.

5) FFWC Throne


FFWC Throne emote is one of Garena's most elegant items ever introduced in Free Fire. Featuring a golden throne that appears and disappears in the air, the famous emote was introduced as a part of the FFWC Top-Up event in 2019.

It was unlockable after a top-up of 300 diamonds through the event. However, it soon disappeared and made a return on special occasions.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's opinion. Readers' views may differ.

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