5 tips for outsmarting campers in Garena Free Fire

Follow these tips to outsmart campers in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to outsmart campers in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Campers are a massive problem in Free Fire. They lie patiently in wait and ambush players when the moment is just right. While some manage to get headshot eliminations on such gamers, others are clumsy.

They often miss their shots, alerting campers and giving them the chance to fight back. Although the scope for counter-attacking a defensive position is limited, there are ways to get the job done.


Outsmart campers in Free Fire by following these easy tips

5) Draw fire and flank them


When playing as a squad in Free Fire, facing campers will become routine during gameplay. They first secure the high ground, then fire on anything that moves below for quick eliminations. An easy way to outsmart them is by drawing fire and flanking them.

To do this, all that users need to do is draw their fire by moving in the open. Some damage will be taken, but this will give other teammates time to surround the enemy. With no place left to run, campers will be forced to engage in combat.

4) Throw a flashbang followed by a grenade


When rushing campers in the open or inside structures, an easy way to outplay them is by using utility items. A simple flashbang grenade will allow players to blind opponents, rendering them unable to function.

Once opponents have been discombobulated, normal grenades can be thrown to gain a quick elimination. If done correctly, Free Fire gamers won't take any damage in the process.

3) Counter-camp and shoot them when they try to rotate


When the safe zone shrinks, everyone rotates, even campers. This allows for some interesting counter-camping techniques in Free Fire. Setting it up will take some planning, but the results will be entertaining.

To do this, all that gamers need to do is camp in the region the enemy is most likely to rotate through. When they are close enough, gunning them down should be easy. If done correctly, a squad wipe can be achieved.

2) Feint a rotation and return to the area


A good way to trick campers into leaving their positions is by feinting a rotation. This is easy and can be done with a surfboard or vehicle. All players need to do is get close to the campers, draw their attention, and rotate.

Once the zone begins to shrink, users will need to circle back to the area. Campers will usually start their rotation at this point, thus leaving them vulnerable and in the open. Gamers can either use a vehicle to slam into them or set up a firing position.

1) Distract them by throwing and flanking


An excellent way to distract campers in Free Fire is by throwing smoke grenades. This will distort their field of view and break their line of sight. Players can then either flank around the campers or go directly towards them.

Although this method is risky, it can be rewarding. In most scenarios, campers prepare for a frontal assault and ignore the possibility of being flanked. Players can use this to their advantage and outplay them.

Note: The list is in no particular order. The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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