5 most useful Free Fire characters to play in 2022

Listing the most useful characters in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Listing the most useful characters in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
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Characters are essential to one's strategy in Free Fire as players progress through the ranks. Initially, character abilities don't have too great of an impact on a player's playstyle, but after reaching certain tiers in the ranked mode, they become a necessity to the gameplay.

Players can outperform their opponents if they exhibit a decent skill-set and use a good character. The character can have a passive or active ability, which further determines his/her performance in a match as the latter ones are usually more potent.

Disclaimer: Characters in the following list are solely listed based on their popularity. Free Fire has been banned in India, as of February 2022. Players can access their player ID, by installing the MAX variant.

Garena Free Fire: Listing the most useful characters to have on the battlefield (2022)

The list of the most useful Garena Free Fire characters that one can use during a match is given as follows:

1) Jota

  • HP gain via a knockdown (first level) - 10%

Jota is the first and only entry on this list with a passive ability called Sustained Raids. Despite having a passive skill, Jota can easily stand his ground against any character with a strong active ability.

Players receive some HP recovery (unspecified) when they hit opponents with guns. Furthermore, if players using Jota knock down an opponent, they receive 20% of their health points back.

Thus, Jota is an excellent choice if players like to be more aggressive and rush at their enemies. Additionally, it is quite helpful when players defend themselves while escaping.

2) Xayne

  • Damage increase (first level) - 80%
  • Cooldown (fist level) - 150 seconds

Xayne is the next character on this list, suitable for multiple combat situations. She has an active ability named Xtreme Encounter that allows users to get a certain amount of temporary HP gain that decays within 15 seconds.

Apart from the temporary HP gain that assists players in escaping or attacking during an intense match, a player can also enhance their capability to deal damage to gloo walls by 80%. However, this active ability has a cooldown time of 150 seconds.

3) K

  • 'Psychology mode' duration (first level) - 2.2 seconds
  • Max EP (first level) - 150 points

K is another exceptional choice for a character in Free Fire for any in-game mode as he is helpful in multiple gameplay strategies. He allows users to have an enhanced capacity of max EP by 50 points. Apart from that, players can use one of two modes while equipping K's Master of All ability:

  1. Jiu-jitsu mode: Allows teammates within K's six-meter radius to enhance their EP to HP conversion rate five times.
  2. Psychology mode: Users get a recovery of three EP after every 2.2-second interval, which makes K a decent choice for rush playstyle.

4) Wukong

  • Duration (first level) - 10 seconds
  • CD (first level) - 300 seconds

Wukong, aka the Monkey King, with his 'Camouflage' ability, is among the most valuable characters in Garena Free Fire. Players can turn into a bush for a specific duration, with a 20% decrease in movement speed.

Thus, Wukong has become an obvious choice for players in Free Fire as 'Camouflage' makes the character evidently beneficial for users to sneakily attack vulnerable enemies. However, it has a rather long cooldown time, its only demerit.

5) Alok

  • Duration (first level) - 10 seconds
  • Movement speed (first level) - 10%

Using Alok in Garena Free Fire allows users to increase their movement speed by a significant margin. Needless to say, the speed buff gives users quite the strategic edge in different scenarios.

Users can also avail some HP recovery apart from the agility buff. Players can receive an increase in their HP at a rate of five points/second for five seconds whenever players are not using the agility buff.

After each usage, 'Drop the Beat' takes 45 seconds to come off its cooldown.

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