Alok character in Free Fire: All you need to know

Alok Character in Garena Free Fire (Image Credit: Wallpaperaccess)
Alok Character in Garena Free Fire (Image Credit: Wallpaperaccess)
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Garena Free Fire offers a unique battle royale experience to players. In a typical BR game, players land on an island with nothing and proceed to obtain weapons and then battle it out to be the last one standing.

However, in Free Fire, characters play a vital role in matches. They have special passive abilities that can provide a slight advantage to the players using them. These abilities structure the playstyle of the user, and thus, should be used effectively to win matches.

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In this article, we look at one of these characters, named Alok, and tell you everything that you need to know about him in the game.

Who is Alok and what is his special passive ability in Free Fire?

Alok character in Garena Free Fire
Alok character in Garena Free Fire

Alok's description in the game says that he is a world-famous DJ and is ready to drop a beat. The character is inspired by Brazilian DJ Alok Petrillo, who has collaborated with Garena in the past as well.

His passive ability creates a five-metre aura around the player, which restores health for five seconds to all teammates and the player. Alok's ability also grants 10% movement speed to all players present in the aura.

This ability to heal himself and sustain the teammates' health bars without compromising the meds is powerful and gives an upper hand to aggressive players who like to get their hands dirty at every opportunity.

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What is the utility of Alok in Free Fire?

DJ Alok character in Free Fire (Image Credit: Pinterest)
DJ Alok character in Free Fire (Image Credit: Pinterest)

DJ Alok is a must pick in every squad or duo match in Free Fire, as he provides an invaluable heal and speed boost to players, which can act as a clutch in crunch situations. Alok would synergise pretty well with aggressive characters like Laura and Hayato, as he could quickly replenish their health bars to make sure they don't get into unfair gunfights with enemies.

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