Best Free Fire character abilities as of OB32 version

Best character skills to have before the Free Fire OB33 update arrives (Image via Garena)
Best character skills to have before the Free Fire OB33 update arrives (Image via Garena)

When Garena launched Free Fire in 2017, the popular battle royale shooter was more realistic. However, with the introduction of characters, the game has become more engaging and popular. Over time, character abilities have become the essence of this shooter.

One of the most crucial things is to choose a character skill before players start a game. The abilities offer tactical support in terms of power-ups. Users choose as many as four skills at a time in the form of character combinations (one active and three passive).

The upcoming OB33 update is expected to bring a new addition to the character collection of Free Fire, making character choosing more tricky.

Garena Free Fire: Listing best character skills (OB32 version)

5) Dimitri

  • Ability: Healing Heartbeat (active)
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds
  • Cost: 599 diamonds

Dimitri's ability is centered around improving the players' health, and its capabilities make him a better defensive option. He can create a healing zone anytime during matches, which both gamers and allies use.

The 3.5m-diameter healing zone improves users' health whether they are just low on HP or have been knocked down. The rate of the increase in health points in the healing zone is three HP per second within ten seconds.

4) Xayne

  • Ability: Xtreme Encounter (active)
  • Cooldown: 150.seconds
  • Cost: 499 diamonds/8000 gold coins

Xayne is a pretty underrated character in Free Fire due to her temporary HP boost. Being an active ability character, she offers power-ups for a specific duration. Players can get 80 HP (temporary) that decays within 15 seconds.

Therefore, Xayne is an outstanding choice for gamers with an attacking play style. Apart from the temporary HP gain, Xtreme Encounter also allows them to deal increased damage of 80% to gloo walls or shields.

3) Alok

  • Ability: Drop the Beat (active)
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Cost: 599 diamonds

DJ Alok had been one of the most-loved characters ever since his introduction in the game. The fame he got has been quite impressive, and the reason can be attributed to his astonishing skills on the battlefield.

Free Fire's DJ character enhances users' agility by 10% and offers an HP regeneration with its five-meter aura. The duration of Drop the Beat is five seconds, which restores five HP per second.

2) Skyler

  • Ability: Riptide Rhythm (active)
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Cost: 599 diamonds

Plenty of characters in Free Fire deserve recognition, and Skyler is one of them. The underrated character has been among the most balanced options in the title due to his all-around performance.

This character can destroy gloo walls (five) with his sonic wave, while his ability also regenerates some HP, starting from four points, every time a gloo is deployed.

1) K

  • Ability: Master of All (active)
  • Cooldown: Not available
  • Mode Switch Cooldown: Three seconds
  • Cost: 599 diamonds

Arguably the most potent character in Free Fire, K is suitable for defending and attacking. He expands the capacity of the EP bar by a minimum amount of 50 points while also providing the following two modes:

  • Psychology mode: The continuous EP increase is vital when players are looking to rush. K's Psychology allows them to receive a three-point increase EP bar every 2.2 seconds. Moreover, the continuous EP regeneration is also helpful when users are on the backfoot while defending.
  • Jiu-jitsu mode: If the Psychology mode was about gamers' health and EP, Jiu-jitsu is equally vital as it makes K team support. The mode favors allies as they can receive a 500% increase in EP to HP conversion rate. However, they will have to remain within a six-meter radius of K to get the power-up.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the author's opinions. The character abilities listed are at their base level, and users can further upgrade them.

Edited by Ravi Iyer


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