Chrono vs Skyler vs Jai: Which Free Fire character is better for aggressive gameplay?

A look at Chrono vs Skyler vs Jai for aggro play
A look at Chrono vs Skyler vs Jai for aggro play

There are numerous Free Fire characters that players can choose from. With the addition of D-Bee, there are 40 characters, including the default ones, Primis and Nulla.

Out of the wide variety of Free Fire characters, users love to select a few of them repeatedly because of their powerful abilities. In this article, they can find out which character among Chrono, Skyler, and Jai is best suited for aggressive matches.


Chrono and his abilities
Chrono and his abilities

Chrono's active ability is Time Turner. It helps players increase their movement speed and provides protection when pushed by enemies.

Chrono's force field can block 600 damage from opponents, and the cooldown period ranges from 200 seconds to 170 seconds. The character's movement speed increases by 5% (base level) and 15% (maximum level).


Skyler and his abilities
Skyler and his abilities

Skyler also has an active ability called Riptide Rhythm. Gamers equipped with this character can destroy gloo walls and increase their HP recovery.

The cooldown period ranges from 60 seconds in the initial level to 40 seconds in the highest level. Skyler has the power to destroy five gloo walls within radiuses of 50 m (base level) to 100 m (maximum level) and boost HP recovery by 4 points in the initial level and 9 points in the top level.


Jai and his abilities
Jai and his abilities

The Raging Reload ability of this Free Fire character allows players to quickly reload their guns after knocking down an enemy. This passive ability is only effective for assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and sub-machine guns.

At the initial level, the magazine’s reload speed is boosted by 30%. At the highest level, Jai is capable of increasing the reloading speed up to 45%.

Which Free Fire character is the best?

Skyler is the best pick
Skyler is the best pick

Out of all the three Free Fire characters mentioned above, Skyler is the best choice as his ability helps destroy gloo walls and HP recovery. HP recovery is an essential aspect of aggressive gameplay, giving players the confidence to push their enemies after destroying their gloo walls.

The abilities offered by Chrono and Jai are in no way inferior but fall a bit short compared to Skyler. Ever since Chrono’s character got nerfed, he is no longer invincible when it comes to aggressive gameplay.

Disclaimer: A character’s choice is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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