D-Bee vs K vs DJ Alok: Which Free Fire character is better for Clash Squad mode? (2022)

Which is the best character for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Which is the best character for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Matthew Wilkins

Clash Squad (CS) mode in Free Fire is fast paced. Rounds don't last very long and players seldom get a second chance during the fight. Unlike the Battle Royale (BR) mode, to win here, strategy and gun-skills are not enough.

Without the help of character abilities, the user will be left at a disadvantage. Three of the most popular characters in-game are D-Bee, K, and DJ Alok. While their mettle has been tested in BR mode, how will they fare in CS mode? Who will be the champion? Read on to find out.


Detailed comparison of D-Bee, K, and DJ Alok in Free Fire based on abilities and combat usage


D-Bee's abilities


D-Bee's ability in Free Fire is called 'Bullet Beats.' When firing and moving simultaneously, the user's accuracy is increased by 45% and agility/movement speed by 15%.

K's abilities


K's ability in Free Fire is called 'Master of All.' It grants the user 250 EP and has two modes.

'Jiu-jitsu' mode converts EP to HP at 500% speed for allies within 6-meters. 'Psychology' mode recovers 3 EP every 2.2 seconds. Switching between modes has a 3-second-cooldown period.

DJ Alok's abilities


DJ Alok's ability in Free Fire is called 'Drop the Beat.' When activated, it creates a 5-meter aura. When present within this aura, the user and other teammates will recover 5 HP/second and gain a 15% movement speed boost. The effects last for 10 seconds. Once the ability is used, it has a cooldown period of 45 seconds.


D-Bee in combat


D-Bee's role in combat is very flexible. The user can employ the character to flank opponents or move and shoot with high precision. Alternatively, when retreating from combat, this ability allows for covering fire while moving.

K in combat


K's role in combat is well-suited as a medkit. If allies have enough EP, users can trigger the 'Jiu-jitsu' mode to rapidly heal teammates. Additionally, with EP constantly replenishing in 'Psychology' mode, the user can heal themselves both passively and actively.

DJ Alok in combat


DJ Alok's role in combat is best for tactical support. Using his ability, the user can heal the entire squad and grant movement boosts. This is useful when engaged in battle or when required to maneuver quickly.


When it comes to lightning rounds in Free Fire's CS mode, traditional abilities fall short. To win, players must adapt, improvise, and overcome. While all three character abilities do have their own perks, DJ Alok stands out.


Using his 'Drop the Beat' ability, the entire squad can heal rapidly. Additionally, the bonus movement speed is beneficial when players want to rush the enemy or flank them.

While one can argue that K can also heal the entire squad, his ability relies on EP. Without it, healing becomes impossible. Having to buy mushrooms will hamper the user's ability to buy other items in Free Fire's CS mode.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The character abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan


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