5 tips for beginners to use common utilities in Garena Free Fire

Utility items are a saving grace in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Utility items are a saving grace in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Utility items play a huge role in Free Fire. While they don't affect the outcome of the match directly, when used correctly, they give players a tactical edge. Sadly, most beginners ignore these items and only stick to using weapons.

To make the most of each match, using utility items is a must. It opens up various strategies for players and allows for more flexible playstyles. While a Booyah cannot be guaranteed, the odds of achieving it are greatly improved while using utility items.

Note: This list only mentions non-lethal utility items.

Master using these utility items in Free Fire to gain a tactical advantage

5) Smoke Grenade


Smoke grenades are one of the most powerful utility items in Free Fire. They can be found in abundance all over the map. When thrown, it creates a cloud of smoke that can hide the user within.

During combat, players can use this item to break their line of sight with the enemy and make a quick getaway. Alternatively, it can even be used to confuse the enemy and flank them during a gunfight.

4) Surfboard


Surfboards are by far the best in-game item for mobility and rotation. While vehicles can go faster and offer better protection, players can carry a surfboard in their inventory. This allows for it to be deployed as and when needed.

During a match, finding a vehicle is not always possible. This is where this utility item shines. Players can use it to move about effortlessly. While it works best on steep terrain, it can be used on any surface to move about.

3) Inhaler


While medkits and abilities are a great way to heal in Free Fire, inhalers are better. Medkit only replenishes HP, whereas inhaler recovers both EP and HP. The best part about this item is that players can move about while using it.

This allows for numerous tactical options during combat. Players don't have to be stationary while trying to heal. However, there is a downside to this utility item. Finding it in-game is rather difficult, which forces players to use it very sparingly during a match.

2) Flashbang


Flashbangs are seldom used in Free Fire. However, they are one of the most powerful utility items in the game. If used correctly, the opponent's screen will become white for a few seconds.

During this time, players can move in and secure eliminations with ease. The item can generally be found all over the map. However, using it in combat is very situational as the throwing range is limited.

1) Gloo walls


Gloo walls are the meta utility item of choice in Free Fire. They can be used in numerous ways, both offensively and defensively. Knowing how to deploy gloo walls can be a lifesaver in-game.

For the most part, they are used as cover from projectiles. However, seasoned players use them for tasks such as climbing structures, trapping opponents, and even pushing enemies outside the safe zone. Mastering how to use the item is vital to success.

Note: The list is in no particular order, and the article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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