3 tips to use smoke grenades and gloo walls in Garena Free Fire

Gloo walls and smoke grenades are powerful utility items in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Gloo walls and smoke grenades are powerful utility items in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Free Fire offers players numerous utility items to choose from and use during combat. Among all of them, gloo walls and smoke grenades have become the most popular. They are easy to acquire in-game and use.

However, what makes these utility items highly sought-after is their ability to be used in conjunction with each other. They give players numerous tactical options and allow for more flexibility during combat.

Ways to improve the usage of smoke grenades and gloo walls in Free Fire

1) Throw smoke and deploy a gloo wall when wanting to retreat.

In certain gunfights, things don't go according to plan. The enemy manages to gain the upper hand, and any tactical advantage players may have had is lost. However, hope still remains if players have a few smoke grenades and gloo walls on them.


Rather than trying to escape under gunfire, players can opt for a safer option. By throwing smoke grenades and deploying gloo walls, a safe zone will be created. Using smoke for cover and the gloo walls for protection from bullets, players can easily slip past opponents.

While this escape method can be done with just smoke grenades, players will be susceptible to blind fire. If their HP is low, a few stray bullets may lead to an elimination. This will hamper their K/D ratio in Free Fire.

2) When rushing an enemy, throw smoke to confuse them and flank attack

Rushes in Free Fire are exciting and nerve-racking moments during a match. The entire team rushes the enemy position in hopes of getting a squad wipe. While the usual plan of attack is pushing with gloo walls, using smoke opens up more tactical options.


While rushing the enemy, in conjunction with gloo walls, smoke can be deployed. This will break the enemy's line of sight and cause them to panic. During this time, half the squad can position and attack the enemy from behind or from the flanks.

This pincer move will ensure that the enemy squad is pinned in position and surrounded by two or more sides. To make the rush easier, after smoke is deployed, players can even throw normal grenades at the enemy to try and inflict damage.

3) When fighting in houses, throw smoke to gain a tactical advantage

In Free Fire drop locations like Command Post and Cape Town, most players land and go from house to house in search of loot. Eventually, they encounter opponents, and a gunfight breaks out.


During these close-quarter engagements, shotguns reign supreme. A well-placed slug will be the end of the fight. This is where smoke grenades can be used to gain an edge in combat.

Free Fire players can deploy smoke to either confuse the enemy and escape or rotate from outside and attack them from behind. Alternatively, due to the narrow spaces, players can throw smoke in conjunction with grenades.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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