Free Fire 360° Gloo Wall Trick: How to defend like professional players

Follow these tips to maximize the use of 360° Gloo Wall Trick in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to maximize the use of 360° Gloo Wall Trick in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

Knowing how to pull off a 360° Gloo Wall trick in Free Fire is only half the battle won. Knowing exactly when to use it is of the utmost importance. Often, players wait until the last moment to use the trick, which ends up in disaster most of the time.

In order to fully utilize the benefits of the 360° Gloo Wall trick, players need to understand exactly when to use it to get the most out of it. Not every situation calls for using two or more Gloo Walls. As such, this article will show players when and how to use the 360° Gloo Wall trick; have them defend like professional players in no time at all.


Top 5 tips on how to defend like professional players using the Free Fire 360° Gloo Wall trick

5) When rushing an enemy goes wrong


Often in Free Fire, rushing an enemy does not go according to plan despite following all the dos and don'ts. At times things just don't work out, and the enemy manages to get the upper hand.

In situations like these, players have few choices that they can make. They can either keep rushing, retreat, or use the 360° Gloo Wall trick. This will allow them to buy some time to heal and plan ahead.

4) Being sniped at from multiple directions


Free Fire is home to many players who enjoy using snipers. During a match, coming across a team with just snipers is not a strange occurrence. When paired up with a silencer attachment, such teams can wipe out opponents without breaking a sweat.

During combat, they often spread out to cover different angles to gain maximum control. If players come under sniper fire from multiple directions, they should immediately use the 360° gloo wall trick to gain cover.

3) When two or more squadmates have been knocked down


During a team match in Free Fire, there are many times when teammates get knocked down. While one teammate getting knocked down is not an issue, the moment the second is down, helping them revive is the number one priority.

Players should immediately try to get their teammates into a tight circle and build a 360° Gloo Wall to keep them safe. This is an essential tactic that players should keep in mind.

2) Being third partied


Many times during a Free Fire match, a third party team or opponent will come across two teams or players fighting. Rather than engage directly, these players will sneak up close and start shooting from the flanks or the back.

When this occurs, players should use the 360° Gloo Wall trick immediately in order to stop the enemy team from knocking down a teammate. Using the Gloo Wall at such a moment will provide the players with better protection from incoming fire.

1) During close-quarters combat


When surrounded by enemies wielding shotguns on all sides, and left with no other options, employing the 360° Gloo Wall trick can be a life saver. Players can use this trick to buy themselves some time to heal and recuperate.

Additionally, if this occurs during a Free Fire team match, players can use this trick to buy some time while their teammates come to the rescue, or provide covering fire from a distance.

Note: This article reflects the personal opinions of the writer.

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