Free Fire hacks: List of activities that can lead to permanent account ban by Garena

Many players get their accounts banned in Free Fire due to hacking and cheating
Many players get their accounts banned in Free Fire due to hacking and cheating

Like all battle royale games, hackers and cheaters are becoming rampant in Free Fire by the day. The presence of such players is making it difficult for genuine gaming enthusiasts to enjoy the title.

To ensure that the nuisance of cheating and hacking is reduced, the Free Fire team detects and bans accounts daily. And now, the developer is upgrading its anti-hack capabilities to detect hacks.

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A dedicated anti-hack team for Free Fire is working on preventing hacks in-game. The devs are also working towards removing content promoting hacks from platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Players who cheat will get their accounts permanently banned. It's not just the account, but the device used for cheating will also be prohibited from creating other accounts in Free Fire.

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Which activities can get an account permanently banned in Free Fire?

Players must not participate in any of the following activities if they do not want their Free Fire account to be permanently banned (Source):

  • Use unauthorized third-party programs.
  • Modify the game client.
  • Play on a modified game client.
  • Use functions that are non-existent in the game.
  • Use software that attempts to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or hack the Services of the official game.
  • Use software that attempts to defeat or overcome any encryption technology or security measures implemented by Garena.
  • Maliciously exploit a bug in Free Fire.

Free Fire advises its players not to share their account information with anyone. They are also notified to download the game from authorized app stores.

Proper investigation is done before an account is banned in Free Fire. So gamers need not be scared if they are innocent. However, if legitimate proof of cheating is uncovered, the account will be banned forever.

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