5 best Free Fire pets as of July 2021

Free Fire has a great selection of pets that players can choose from
Free Fire has a great selection of pets that players can choose from

Like unique characters, Free Fire has a great selection of pets. A majority of them in this battle royale title have special abilities that players can use in exciting matches.

Free Fire continues to expand its collection of pets by introducing new ones via major updates. Here are a few of the best pets that users can buy in the game.

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Five most potent Free Fire pets as of July 2021

1) Dreki

Dreki in Free Fire
Dreki in Free Fire

The ability of this pet is Dragon Glare. Since medkits are an essential part of regaining health in Free Fire, it allows players to detect opponents using medkits.

They can detect those using medkits within a radius of 10m for 3 seconds. At the highest level, the radius increases to 30m, and the ability lasts for 5 seconds.

2) Falco

Falco in Free Fire
Falco in Free Fire

Skyline Spree is the ability of Falco in Free Fire. At the base level, it increases the gliding speed by 15% and the diving rate by 25% after the parachute opens.

Players can land faster and loot essentials using this ability. Falco is perhaps the best asset in a battle royale match.

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3) Detective Panda

Detective Panda in Free Fire
Detective Panda in Free Fire

With every kill, players get to restore HP using the ability of Detective Panda, called Panda’s Blessings. It is highly effective when it comes to close-range fights.

The skill allows them to get back 4 HP on one kill. At pet level 7, i.e., the maximum level, gamers can restore up to 10 HP by killing an enemy.

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4) Rockie

Rockie in Free Fire
Rockie in Free Fire

Rockie’s ability in Free Fire is Stay Chill. Players can use the activated skill of their character more often as this ability reduces cooldown time.

Like every pet in this BR title, users can also optimize the ability of this pet. At the maximum level, the cooldown for the equipped active skill of a character is reduced by 15%.

5) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor in Free Fire
Mr. Waggor in Free Fire

Mr. Waggor possesses the Smooth Gloo ability. Gloo walls are helpful when it comes to taking cover from enemy fire temporarily while playing battle royale matches in Free Fire.

Players receive a gloo wall every 120 seconds when they do not have any with this skill. They get a gloo wall every 100 seconds at the maximum level when they have less than two gloo wall grenades.

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Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. The choice of pets is a personal decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style.

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