Free Fire MAX keeps downloading expansion packs: How to solve

Free Fire MAX keeps downloading expansion packs: How to solve
Guide to solve Free Fire MAX keeps downloading expansion pack (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX is one of the most famous names in the mobile battle royale genre. The title has gained millions of downloads and a massive player base with its impressive dynamics and premium graphics.

The developers have added a new option for players to reduce the overall size of the game. The added setting is called an Expansion Pack, where fans have the opportunity to download extra resources as per their demand. It helps them not overload their smartphone's storage with the game's data, which can lead to sudden lags or even crashes.

In this article, we discuss a quick guide to solve the issue where Free Fire MAX keeps downloading the expansion packs.

Guide to solving Free Fire MAX expansion packs' auto-download error


The Expansion Pack is one of the best methods used by Garena to reduce the game's total size from the app stores. With its help, they can download the Free Fire MAX title from the Play Store, which comes with a size of 600-700MB.

After that, players can head to the Expansion Pack settings and download any remaining resources like maps, modes, outfit packs, characters, emotes, and many more items.

Garena has added two methods to resolve this issue in the Game Concern section on their website. The methods are very easy to understand and only require basic knowledge of smartphone settings. By tweaking a few options from the settings menu, they can easily resolve the expansion-pack issue where they start getting downloaded automatically.

Here is a step-by-step guide recommended by Garena to resolve the auto-download issue for expansion packs in Free Fire MAX:

  1. Open the device settings on your smartphone.
  2. Head to the Apps and Notifications option in the settings menu.
  3. Click on the Free Fire MAX icon and if the user doesn't see the icon, he can click on See all apps or App Info.
  4. In the App Info section, tap on Advanced Settings.
  5. In the Advanced Settings, allow permission for the Change System Settings.


As stated by Garena, the issue mostly occurs when the patch is not saved on a user's device. Smartphone users with smaller storage capabilities are advised to disable the Storage Booster's "Auto Delete Unnecessary Data" setting. Here is a quick guide to do the procedure manually:

  1. Open your smartphone's settings app.
  2. Click on the Device Care option to access the storage settings.
  3. In the Storage settings, tap on the Storage Booster button.
  4. Upon accessing the Storage Booster, you will be required to tap on the Disable button for Auto Delete Unnecessary Data.

Players can follow any of the methods mentioned above to resolve the expansion pack issue in Free Fire MAX. If they face the same issue again, they should re-install the title on their smartphone or register a query with customer service.

The Customer Service section can be accessed from the settings menu. Players can share any of the issues with the developers from it and the issue will be resolved with the help of various articles. Gamers can also report any bugs directly to the game's developers and can get rewarded for the same.

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