Free Fire Max vs BGMI: 5 major differences between the two games

Free Fire Max vs BGMI: Differences between the two (Image via Free Fire India/Twitter)
Free Fire Max vs BGMI: Differences between the two (Image via Free Fire India/Twitter)
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Garena's upcoming title Free Fire Max has garnered quite a lot of attention from gamers across the globe. The title will certainly change the dynamics for the developers and is expected to fetch good revenue.

The permanent ban imposed upon PUBG Mobile back in September 2020 saw other battle royale titles rise up to the occasion to take control of the growing market. Eventually, COD Mobile and Free Fire emerged as the most popular titles for the Indian gaming community.

Garena Free Fire offers a battle royale experience at low system specifications and therefore garners most of the attention. However, Krafton Inc. re-entered the market with BGMI, and the rest is history.

This article reveals the major differences between the two games.

Free Fire Max vs BGMI: Major differences revealed

1) System specifications

The major difference between the two battle royale games is the system specifications. Garena's target audience is players with low-end devices, whereas Free Fire Max is aimed at offering a BGMI-like gaming experience with low system specifications.

Free Fire Max runs seamlessly on Android 4.1 and later and requires 2.5 GB of RAM. BGMI, on the other hand, requires Android 5.1.1 or above along with 2 GB of RAM.

2) Game modes

The popularity of BGMI is not only due to the Battle Royale mode but also the other modes in the game. There are several competitive modes that offer intense action, and players have the opportunity to change the modes at their convenience.

Free Fire Max, unfortunately, does not offer as many options when it comes to gaming modes.

3) Gameplay

Undoubtedly, the developers have tweaked the gameplay of the title to make it at the same level as premium battle royale games such as BGMI and COD Mobile. However, since Garena emphasizes on players with low-end devices, it is unable to provide exquisite gameplay for Free Fire Max.

BGMI takes the lead as it offers great gameplay and showcases realistic action in every aspect of the game.

4) Graphics


Free Fire Max is certainly a massive upgrade to the original game in terms of gaming graphics. Players are quite elated with the improvised graphical entity and are hopeful of the game's success.

The efforts of Free Fire Max deserve appreciation. However, it does not come anywhere near BGMI as far as gaming graphics is concerned. Krafton Inc. has been around the sector for a long time and is implementing new ways to improve the graphics each day.

5) Characters and pets


Free Fire is quite popular for the several in-game characters and pets it has introduced over time. Players love to take up the different avatars and enter the game along with pets with special abilities. This feature has been kept in Free Fire Max.

BGMI does not offer any kind of special character with abilities nor any animal companion. This is one of the key features that differentiates BGMI from Free Fire Max.

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