Free Fire OB28 leaked patch notes reveals Ice grenade, Vending Machine changes, and more details

Free Fire OB28 update is going to be released soon (Image via
Free Fire OB28 update is going to be released soon (Image via

Regular updates are brought to Free Fire, keeping the game fresh and enhancing the overall experience for the players. The previous one was released in April, and the next iteration, the OB28 version, is set to be released in the upcoming few days.

Like every other update, it will bring loads of features, a new weapon, adjustments to training grounds, and more.

This article dives into some of the features mentioned in the leaked patch notes of the upcoming Free Fire OB28 update.

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Leaked patch notes of the Free Fire OB28 update

Knight Clown, a prominent Free Fire data miner, has leaked the patch notes of the Free Fire OB28 update. Given below are a few of the changes that have been mentioned in them:

Ice Grenade

Knight Clown
Knight Clown's Instagram story

A new utility item named “Ice Grenade” will be added to Garena Free Fire. It will be made available for both major modes, i.e., Battle Royale and Clash Squad. Upon exploding, it will leave an aura that will deal damage to the players over time.

Exact specifics about the effects are stated as follows:

  • Explosive Damage: 100
  • Explosion Radius: 5m
  • Ice Frost Radius: 5m
  • Ice Frost Duration: 10s
  • Deep Freeze - Players inside Ice Frost will reduce 10% movement speed, 20% rate of fire, and receive 5-10 damage/s based on the duration of the ice frost.

Vending Machine changes

Knight Clown
Knight Clown's Instagram story

Apart from that, the patch notes that have also been leaked state the changes made to the vending machines, which are available in the BR mode. More items will be added to them, broadening the choices for the players.

Moreover, personal purchase limits on some of the items will be applied so that players cannot stack up a huge number of utilities.

They further discussed the addition of Grandmaster rank to Clash Squad mode, character and weapon balancing, new weapons, and more. Readers can click here to check out the complete leaked patch notes.

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