Free Fire OB37 Advance Server features: New Arvon pet, Trogon shotgun, game modes, and more

New additions in Free Fire OB37 Advance Server (Image via Sportskeeda)
New additions in Free Fire OB37 Advance Server (Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena Free Fire fans can now download the APK client for OB37 Advance Server. The latest version has become available on Thursday, November 3, and is expected to last until November 11, 2022.

Therefore, gamers who still need to register for the OB37 Advance Server should complete the procedure on the official website. Once they have the Activation Code, they can install and activate the APK file to enjoy the latest unreleased OB37 content.

Free Fire OB37: Advance Server unveils new features like a pet, multiple game modes, a gun, and more

Fans who are yet to register for the new iteration of Advance Server can take a look at the new unreleased OB37 content as follows:

New Pet: Arvon

Arvon, a new pet (Image via Garena)
Arvon, a new pet (Image via Garena)

A new pet that looks like a mini-dinosaur has been added to the game by the developers. It offers a skill called Dinoculars, which helps detect the number of enemies within a 50-meter radius, irrespective of their position.

The effects last three seconds, and the results are visible to the teammates. However, one can use Arvon's ability only once at the lowest level.


New Weapons: Trogon (Shotgun) and Trampoline grenade

Trogon Shotgun (Image via Garena)
Trogon Shotgun (Image via Garena)

Free Fire players can spot a new shotgun named Trogon in the OB37 Advance Server. They can equip the new weapon with a grenade launcher, making it eligible for two firing modes - shotgun and grenade.

The shotgun mode works like any other weapon from the same category, while grenade mode allows gamers to launch small bombs. However, unlike the former, the grenade launcher has friendly fire enabled.


Thus, players using grenade mode on Trogon in Free Fire OB37 Advance Server should be careful while firing as the bombs are launched from the muzzle. The grenades can also cause harm to themselves and their teammates.

Besides a new weapon, they can also spot a new trampoline grenade in the game, allowing them to jump higher than usual. Players can deploy it like a gloo wall and jump on it to get the benefit.

Multiple new game modes

New game modes (Image via Garena)
New game modes (Image via Garena)

Free Fire fans can spot a plethora of new game modes in the latest Advance Server, which are listed as follows:

  • Football Squad
  • Zombie Hunt
  • Craftland Maps
  • Rush Hour
  • Rush Hour (Akimbo)
  • Fast Blast
  • Fast Blast 5v5 Cup

Thus, one will have to tune into the Advance Server program to witness the new features in each game mode. Moreover, there is a new Special Map named Ice Ground for Lone Wolf (ranked or casual), which players can download from the "Download Center."

New feature: Proficiency

New Proficiency feature (Image via Garena)
New Proficiency feature (Image via Garena)

Fans can find a new addition in the "Weapon Section" in the form of Proficiency. Besides Armory and Evo Gun section, it is a new feature that provides statistical analysis of a player's mastery over a weapon. However, it is still in the testing phase and might not make it to the final version of the OB37 update.

Besides the features mentioned above, there are minor changes in the application's user interface that developers can also implement via the November Patch update.

However, the new Advance Server hasn't brought any character addition or ability change that many fans expected for Free Fire/Free Fire MAX OB37.

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