Free Fire Republic Day event: Login rewards for all days revealed

The Free Fire Republic Day event (Image via Free Fire/ Facebook)
The Free Fire Republic Day event (Image via Free Fire/ Facebook)
Aniket Thakkar

A few days back, the developers of Free Fire revealed the Republic Day event's details. These events provide users with an opportunity to acquire various exclusive in-game items. The login event is already underway, and players can collect the Alvaro character and an XM8 – Abyssal by logging in today.

This article provides a list of all the login rewards that players can collect from the Free Fire Republic Day event.

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Free Fire Republic Day Event: Login rewards

Players can obtain numerous rewards, including characters and gun skins, from the cumulative log in/check-in rewards. The rewards section has been divided into 'Daily Party Rewards 1-5' and 'Daily Party Rewards 6-9'.

Here is a complete list of rewards that players can obtain from the Daily Party Rewards:

Daily Party Rewards 1-5 (January 25th, 4 AM IST to February 6th, 3:59 AM IST)

  • Alvaro – Login 1 day
  • XM8 - Abyssal – Login 1 day
  • Jota – Login 2 days
  • AN94 - Spikey Spine – Login 2 days
  • Chrono – Login 3 days
  • M1014 - Wasteland – Login 3 days
  • Kapella – Login 4 days
  • P90 - The Punishers – Login 4 days
  • Luqueta – Login 5 days
  • SCAR – Mystic Seeker – Login 5 days

Daily Party Rewards 6-9 (January 25th, 4 AM IST to February 6th, 3:59 AM IST)

  • Clu – Login 6 days
  • M60 - Captain Bubble – Login 6 days
  • Wolfrahh – Login 7 days
  • AWM - Duke Swallowtail – Login 7 days
  • Dasha – Login 8 days
  • M79 - Hipster Bunny – Login 8 days
  • Jai – Login 9 days
  • Swallowtail Weapon Loot Crate – Login 9 days
  • Weapon Royale Voucher – Login 9 days
  • AK47 - Valentines – Login 9 days

It is crucial to note that characters and gun skins obtained from the login reward will not be permanent and available for a limited time. The players will have each item for only seven days.

Players have to log in for a specific number of days to collect these rewards. They can do it for nine days during the event's entire duration to obtain all the items.

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Users can follow these steps to collect the rewards:

Press the event icon
Press the event icon

Step 1: They have to press the event icon and select the '26/1 Republic Day' tab.

Step 2: They must press the Daily Party Rewards section.

Press the claim button
Press the claim button

Step 3: Games can select the claim button beside the corresponding rewards to collect them.

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