Free Fire: Team Total gaming (Ajju Bhai, Vasiyo, Bala, Fozy Ajay, Golden) share their historic FFIC journey

Total Gaming
Total Gaming
Ajay Assudani

Total Gaming Esports is an Esports organization that is run by India's biggest gaming content creator Total Gaming, aka Ajju Bhai. The organization currently holds a Free Fire competitive lineup which boasts the following players:-

  • TG FozyAjay
  • TG Vasiyo
  • TG Bala
  • TG Golden

Recently, Garena conducted one of the biggest tournaments in Free Fire history, named the 'Free Fire India Championship 2020' (FFIC), and it offered the competitors to take home a prize pool of 50 Lakh INR.

This competition was won by Total Gaming Esports, thereby making them stand out as one of the best teams in the nation. In this article, the whole lineup of Total Gaming Esports, including Ajju Bhai himself, share the experience of their journey towards becoming the FFIC Champions.

Free Fire: Team Total gaming open up about their FFIC adventure

Total Gaming aka Ajju Bhai (Team Owner & Content Creator)

"I always had a vision of playing competitive, but I had been playing Freefire on PC for a year, I also shifted to mobile but it takes a lot of time to become a pro on a new device. So I thought of creating a lineup under my organization that could play competitive freefire mobile, with me as the 5th player in the team."
"At that time, I met Vashu, who was from my state - Gujrat. He introduced me to a team who were in search of a sponsor. Since I was also looking for a good team, talking to them soon gave us a family enviorment. When I signed the team, my insticts always assured me that this team was going to be big."
"I think the team already knew that they will be winning FFIC, as they had no surprise reactions when they prevailed, and even Garena officials reached out to congratulate us and were amazed to see that the team didn't show excitement on the webcam. That night, I also celebrated in my office with Netflix and Pizza."
"I couldn't play because I haven't revealed my face in front of the audience yet, and playing competitive requires the same as per the rules. After good results in Freefire, we might expand to other gaming titles such as COD Mobile also in the coming years.."

TG FozyAjay (In-Game Leader)

"I used to play Freefire casually and was unaware about the competitive side of the game. I used to do Global Push and found Vashu as an in-game friend. He introduced me to competitive gaming, as he had been to an International event in Jakarta, Indonesia, but sadly, couldn't perform well there."
"He considered me as a good teammate and we both had a good synergy. We were in search of a good lineup, and then ultimately found Golden, as he was in my Guild, and Bala through a common friend, which completed our lineup. As a new team we struggled a lot in the start, but later found our mistakes and worked on them, playing various tournaments and paid customs."
"Soon we reached #3 in Asia All Stars which was a huge official tournament that proved to be a turning point for us. Several Sponsors approached us after a remarkable performance, but then we found Ajju Bhai, who was in need of a competitive team."
"He was the most humble person I had ever met and we were tempted to become a part of his organization. He provided us with all the facilities required, out of which the most important was the Bootcamp, which helped the team bond as well. Everything worked in our favour, which is what led us to the FFIC win."
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TG Vasiyo (Flanker)

"Earlier, I had been part of 2-3 rosters, but I ended up making a new roster in which I found a strong ability. Our squad needed a bit of experience, but together we noticed the faults, worked on them and conducted them as a step-by-step ritual to enhance our gameplay. The players on our squad didn't have a passport, so they couldn't enter all the tournaments. I, on the other hand, used to play with other teams, because I had one."
"Soon after meeting all the requirements, we produced successful results at the Asia Invitational, we found Ajju Bhai, and since that day, all our problems have been resolved. He offered complete support from his end, which eventually enabled us to improve our gameplay, thus helping us win the FFIC Tournament."

TG Bala (Sniper cum support)

"It's been a very long ride to this position. I used to play Solo a lot before, and my focus was just on survival. I used to kill people by going to an island far away or shooting people from behind. Once, I posted a video of Solo vs. Squads 16 kills, and I think I got 37 likes at the time. At that moment, I got in touch with a lot of players and made a lot of friends in the community."
"I was aiming for a Grand Master push in which I managed to hit the top 20, and I found a lot of big faces beside me, including Mafia Sam, Romeo Gamer and a lot more. At that time, Vashu and Fozy Bhai used to push rank together, I began to play with them and built a solid in-game relationship."
"After success at Brawlers Bash, All Stars Asia, Scrim War and numerous other tourneys, multiple sponsors approached us, but we weren't sure about continuing with any organisation as we still needed a personal contact, apart for the professional conduct of the organisation. That was settled when we met Ajju Bhai and he supported us from that point. With everything going well, we managed the FFIC Champions title too."

TG Golden (Rusher)

"Like every random player, I used to play the game for fun earlier, with my society friends. We used to play together by match making as we were unaware of how the custom rooms worked. I am mostly known for getting head shots. I posted a video of 100 headshots in 1 minute, which was liked by everyone."
"I met Fozy Ajay through a friend of mine, and we have been in touch since season one. We used to play together to reach #1 Global in World Freefire Rankings, which were shown in-game. Fozy Ajay was like a special person to me, with whom I used to share everything, and he used to help by giving me solutions as well. Soon, I started playing with his team and the rest is history."
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