How to be eligible for official V Badge in Garena Free Fire?

The V Badge is one of the rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)
The V Badge is one of the rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Aniket Thakkar

The V Badge was introduced for partners in Free Fire with the OB25 update, and it has been a source of envy for some. Since it is not handed out to everyone, its exclusivity has become a symbol of pride, and many players have a strong desire to own it.

Gamers are now aware that they must join the Free Fire Partner Program to earn the special V Badge and various other benefits on offer to partners. However, they face a new conundrum about how they can become eligible for a slot in this scheme.

Users can go through the following section to understand the requirements in detail.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India and residents should abstain from playing the Battle Royale game. Additionally, players may play MAX, which is not included on the application's list of prohibited applications.

Criteria for joining Partner Program to get V Badge in Free Fire


Garena has a dedicated web page for the Free Fire Partner Program that addresses all of the program's criteria and advantages, and answers the frequently asked questions. As stated by the developer, the requirements of the Partner Program are as follows:

Requirements for the program (Image via Garena)
Requirements for the program (Image via Garena)

As per the website, these are minimum requirements, and as such, it does not guarantee them a spot in the program due to its limited slot.

They may submit their applications, which will be evaluated individually, with only the most talented creators being accepted.

Users can follow the steps outlined below to access it:

Step 1: Players can first visit the Partner Program website on any web browser.

Tap on the Apply Now button (Image via Garena)
Tap on the Apply Now button (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Next, they must click on the Apply Now button to get redirected to the Google form.

Step 3: Individuals can fill in all the details, such as their name, channel name, subscriber count, and more, following which, they can submit the application.

It is essential to know that applications are closed at the moment. Gamers may follow the above steps if they feel they are eligible when it opens up again.

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