How to get battle tags in Free Fire (2021)

Obtaining battle tags in Free Fire (Image via
Obtaining battle tags in Free Fire (Image via
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The battle royale genre has witnessed a massive rise on the mobile platform, and games like Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and COD Mobile have established themselves as the frontrunners.

Free Fire's developers regularly incorporate a variety of unique aspects that differentiate the game from the others in its genre.


Earlier this month, the Free Fire OB26 update hit the servers and brought in many new changes into the game, including new weapons, a revamped training ground, a dynamic duo system, and more.

Battle tags are one of the aspects introduced into Free Fire with the OB26 update. Many users do not know how to obtain these tags, which is what this article looks at.

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Getting battle tags in Free Fire (2021)

Battle tags in the game
Battle tags in the game

Users can obtain battle tags based on their performances in matches. They have to complete specific missions a certain number of times to unlock the respective tags. Also, each battle tag has three different variants.

They are displayed on a player's profile and seen by others when they visit their profiles. Following is the list of tags and the missions that users have to complete to obtain them.

#1 - Dominator

Conditions: Eliminate opponents and be the final survivor

#2 - Uncrowned

Conditions: Eliminated opponents but did not survive till the end

#3 - Best Pal

Conditions: Support teammates by helping them up.

#4 - Sharpshooter

Conditions: Eliminate opponents from a distance.

#5 - Wrestler

Conditions: Eliminate opponents from close up.

#6 - Peacemaker

Conditions: Be the final survivor with as little combat as possible.

#7 - Ninja

Conditions: Cool and collected, occupy the better terrains.

#8 - Guerrilla

Conditions: Move around and look for chances to strike.

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Hence, to obtain the aforementioned battle tags, users have to complete specific missions. Upon doing so, they can equip these tags for display on their profiles.


Players can follow these steps to equip battle tags in Free Fire:

Step 1: First, they have to open Garena Free Fire and tap the profile section on the top-left corner.

Click the profile section
Click the profile section

Step 2: Next, users can tap the edit icon, as shown in the picture below.

Click the edit icon
Click the edit icon

Step 3: They may click the 'Styles' tab and choose the desired tag they want to display.

Tap the Styles tab
Tap the Styles tab

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