How to get Free Fire bundles and incubator skins for free (April 2022)

Getting the outfits is not an easy task in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Getting the outfits is not an easy task in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
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Although cosmetic items like outfits and skins (except gun skins) do not affect the overall gameplay in Free Fire, players are nonetheless motivated to gather them to outdo their friends.

These items, mainly the costumes, are often released in Luck Royales and other events and are occasionally added directly to the store. The most frequent impediment between gamers and their desires is a shortage of diamonds.

Unique bundles and incubator items are costly and require thousands of diamonds, prompting many players to search for free internet alternatives.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. Instead, they can proceed with Free Fire MAX, which was not included on the list of banned applications.

Ways to get free bundles and incubator skins in Free Fire

They can attempt to collect free diamonds and subsequently use them within the store or in a particular Luck Royale to draw the rewards. Two of the best methods are outlined in this section:

Google Opinion Rewards and other GPT apps


Many Free Fire players have relied on the Google Opinion Rewards application as their primary source to earn free diamonds. Users must complete surveys to accrue Google Play Credits in this application, which they may utilize to make in-app purchases.

Gamers can start by downloading the application and providing the required information to create their profile. They will then receive notifications about the surveys, which they may complete for up to $1 in Play credits.

However, they should save a few credits and purchase the membership instead, as it offers diamonds at a lower price than the top-up. Special Airdrops will be an even better option.

Alternatively, various additional GPT applications and websites are accessible, like Poll Pay, SwagBucks, etc. This entails completing various tasks like answering surveys, quizzes, and more to get rewards like gift cards and vouchers.

The choice of website or application is entirely up to the readers, but they should ensure that it is legitimate.


The present watch to win (Image via Garena)
The present watch to win (Image via Garena)

Booyah is an application developed by Garena for gaming videos. Additional events are held on the site, where participants are required to watch videos or streams for a few minutes or post their clips and more to become eligible to win prizes.

It offers a vast prize pool, and players can bind their ID to get rewards, including outfits, vouchers, characters, pets, sometimes gift cards, and even vouchers.


Apart from the way outlined above, gamers may quickly obtain outfits through a few events. Typically, they will have to grind their way through missions to acquire them. However, these events will not feature items present in the incubator.

The exchange is still available (Image via Garena)
The exchange is still available (Image via Garena)

The developers are currently giving out one BTS Crystal for free, which can be exchanged for one of the seven themed BTS costumes available in Free Fire. Players must make every effort to obtain it as soon as possible because this event will end in a few days.

However, using a Free Fire redeem code is also available to users. The developers release them regularly, and the rewards might be anything from diamonds to stunning costumes found in the game.

A previous redeem code offering a legendary bundle (Image via Garena)
A previous redeem code offering a legendary bundle (Image via Garena)

However, due to the redeem codes' limited validity, gamers must use them as soon as possible. While it may not always offer a bundle, gamers should not pass up the opportunity because little time is used to redeem the codes.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion. Players should check out the privacy policy and the terms of service before using an app or website.

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