How to get new legendary gun skins in Free Fire MAX this week (September 2022)

Garena has updated the armory with new weapon loot crates (Image via Garena)
Garena has updated the game's armory with new Weapon Loot Crates (Image via Garena)

New events are expected to make their way to Free Fire MAX after the conclusion of the 5th Anniversary celebrations on 13 September 2022. Players can also look forward to an in-game revamp of the featured items in Luck Royale and the store as the next patch update nears its launch.

The addition of new content has already begun as fans will be able to spot the return of the Cobra Rage bundle and the introduction of many other unique collectibles. Fans of Free Fire MAX's many weapon skins can rejoice as Garena has introduced as many as four new legendary cosmetics for different guns.

Readers can learn more about the brand new legendary weapon skins and how to acquire them in the following article.

Free Fire MAX: Garena introduces four new legendary weapon skins in the store

New legendary guns are now available in the Free Fire MAX Store (Image via Garena)
New legendary guns are now available in the Free Fire MAX Store (Image via Garena)

The in-game store is a library of different types of collectibles in Free Fire MAX. Players can purchase a desired item by paying the designated price of either diamonds, gold, guild points, or coupons, Garena continuously updates all of the store's sections with new items like emotes, outfits, weapon skins, item cosmetics, and many more.

Earlier today, i.e., on 15 September, four new additions entered the store's armory. Players can spot four new Weapon Loot Crates, each consisting of a new legendary gun skin. Here are all of the new Weapon Loot Crates that one can find and purchase in the store's armory this week:

1) Frozen Platinum (MAC10 + SVD) Weapon Loot Crate

Frozen Platinum (MAC10 + SVD) {Image via Garena}
Frozen Platinum (MAC10 + SVD) {Image via Garena}

This Loot Crate includes:

  1. MAC10 - Frozen Platinum (Permanent) -- Legendary weapon skin
  2. SVD - Frozen Platinum (Permanent)
  3. MAC10 - Frozen Platinum (7d)
  4. SVD - Frozen Platinum (7d)
  5. MAC10 - Frozen Platinum (3d)
  6. SVD - Frozen Platinum (3d)
  7. MAC10 - Frozen Platinum (24h)
  8. SVD - Frozen Platinum (24h)

2) Burning Lily (M14 + SPAS12) Weapon Loot Crate

Burning Lily (M14 + SPAS12) {Image via Garena}
Burning Lily (M14 + SPAS12) {Image via Garena}

This Loot Crate consists of:

  1. M14 - Burning Lily (Permanent) -- Legendary weapon skin
  2. SPAS12 - Burning Lily (Permanent)
  3. M14 - Burning Lily (7d)
  4. SPAS12 - Burning Lily (7d)
  5. M14 - Burning Lily (3d)
  6. SPAS12 - Burning Lily (3d)
  7. M14 - Burning Lily (24h)
  8. SPAS12 - Burning Lily (24h)

3) Vampire Malevolence (M82B + MP5) Weapon Loot Crate

Vampire Malevolence (M82B + MP5) {Image via Garena}
Vampire Malevolence (M82B + MP5) {Image via Garena}

The skins in this Loot Crate are as follows:

  1. M82B - Vampire Malevolence (Permanent) -- Legendary weapon skin
  2. MP5 - Vampire Malevolence (Permanent)
  3. M82B - Vampire Malevolence (7d)
  4. MP5 - Vampire Malevolence (7d)
  5. M82B - Vampire Malevolence (3d)
  6. MP5 - Vampire Malevolence (3d)
  7. M82B - Vampire Malevolence (24h)
  8. MP5 - Vampire Malevolence (24h)

4) Phoenix Knight (Mini Uzi + AUG) Weapon Loot Crate

Phoenix Knight (Mini Uzi + AUG) {Image via Garena}
Phoenix Knight (Mini Uzi + AUG) {Image via Garena}

The rewards from this Loot Crate are:

  1. Mini Uzi - Phoenix Knight (Permanent) -- Legendary weapon skin
  2. Mini Uzi - Phoenix Knight (7d)
  3. Mini Uzi - Phoenix Knight (3d)
  4. Mini Uzi - Phoenix Knight (24h)
  5. AUG - Phoenix Knight (Permanent)
  6. AUG - Phoenix Knight (7d)
  7. AUG - Phoenix Knight (3d)
  8. AUG - Phoenix Knight (24h)

As shown above, the first reward in each Weapon Loot Crate is the legendary skin and is obviously the hardest to obtain due to its rarity. Players may have to spend hundreds or thousands of Free Fire MAX diamonds to get their hands on one of these legendary gun skins.

Here's how users can access all of the Weapon Loot Crates and get the legendary skins in Free Fire:

Step 1: Players must open Free Fire MAX on their smartphones/tablets.

Step 2: They can select the store seen on the left side of the main screen lobby in Free Fire MAX.

Step 3: In the store, players should open the "Armory" section and stay on the "All" tab, where they can view all of the latest Weapon Loot Crates.

Step 4: Players can use diamonds to purchase the Weapon Loot Crates, which include any of the eight rewards mentioned above. Permanent skins are obtainable only once, while one can acquire the temporary skins multiple times.

Once users have grabbed their desired gun skin, they can equip the same to show it off on the battlefield. Players should note that these gun skins are rather expensive, so they should be cautious before purchasing any Weapon Loot Crate.

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