How to increase K/D ratio without fighting hot drops in Free Fire MAX

Guide to increasing K/D ratio in Garena's flagship titles (Image via Sportskeeda)
Guide to increasing K/D ratio in Garena's flagship titles (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sanjiv Jaiswal

The KD ratio in Free Fire MAX is the ratio of the number of kills obtained to the number of eliminations faced. It 1simply shows that players get eliminated after grabbing a specific number (equivalent to the KD rate) of kills.

The KD ratio is a critical parameter when judging a FF MAX user. The higher the ratio, the more pro they are considered. Gamers should know the basics to boost their KD rate.

The kill-to-death rate is proportional to the number of kills and inverse to the death count. Thus, this rate can be increased by playing aggressively to grab maximum eliminations or by playing safely to avoid getting eliminated.


Generally, players look to make more kills. For that, they land on hot drops and take initial fights. However, the possibility of being eliminated in the early phase is exceptionally high in such places.

Hence, Free Fire MAX gamers are always advised to boost their K/D rates without arriving at action-packed locations. They can learn some tactics and techniques in the section below to do the same.

Four pointers to improve KD ratio in Free Fire MAX without involving in fierce warfare

1) Focus on Booyah rather than on kills


As mentioned earlier, the KD rate increases inversely to the number of deaths. Getting a Booyah ultimately means no deaths in that particular match. Hence, it can drastically improve the said rate.

Although kills directly increase KD rates, it is quite a difficult task for beginners and passive users to get a bunch of kills. At the same time, grabbing more frags is not always necessary to get Booyahs.

They can win a Free Fire MAX round by surviving until the end without engaging in fast-paced skirmishes.

2) Build ideal character skill combination that supports survival gameplay


Survival gameplay is necessary to maximize the odds of getting a Booyah in matches. However, multiple factors affect this playstyle, with characters being one of the most vital.

Free Fire MAX has many characters, each possessing unmatched abilities. Active characters such as K, Alok, and Dimitri (top pick for duo and squad matches) are prime options for getting healing aid and surviving a game longer.

The remaining three slots for skills can be filled with skills of passive characters such as Leon, Luqueta, Nairi, Jota, etc.

3) Only begin combat with enough confidence


Most users initiate fights but are not confident enough to guarantee victory in that part of warfare. This is something they should not practice because it will eventually give them a defeat and increase the death counter by one. As a result, the KD rate will be diminished.

In short, gamers should keep hiding from opponents until appropriate circumstances arrive.

4) Try to escape situations when teased by enemies


Often, enemies tease players on Free Fire MAX's battlefields, even if they don't want to engage in combat. In such scenarios, they must not react and try to avoid these attacks to ensure a higher KD rate from matches.

Mobile gamers can also embrace several enemy-confusing techniques to bewilder their enemies.

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