5 tips to increase K/D ratio in Free Fire

Here are some tips that can ensure a good K/D ratio in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Here are some tips that can ensure a good K/D ratio in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

The K/D ratio plays a vital role in Free Fire. A player's performance is judged based on these statistics. If they are poor or below average, the user may be denied entry to high-tier guilds and be left out of ranked squad matches.

While achieving a high K/D ratio is difficult, it is not impossible. By simply following a few tips and implementing them in combat, users will notice drastic changes in their statistics.


How to increase the K/D ratio in Free Fire

5) Engage opponents only when victory is assured


When engaging with an opponent, players need to ensure that they win the fight. If they are not confident of their victory, players should avoid the gunfight altogether.

To improve their odds of winning, players should use high ground or assume a tactically beneficial position.

4) If ambushed by the enemy, try to escape


During rotation or looting, players may be ambushed by a camper. In these scenarios, escaping is the best option. Given that the opponent has landed a blow, they have automatically gained an advantage.

Rather than try to fight back, the player should escape by using the available cover or use smoke to break the opponent's line of sight. Once out of harm's way, they can take a breather and plan ahead.

3) Build a character combo that directly affects combat capabilities


The easiest way to improve the K/D ratio in Free Fire is by getting more kills. While weapons and gun skins aid towards this goal, the right character abilities help the most.

Skills such as Limelight, Falcon Fervor, and Bushido help the player deal more damage to opponents. If the player fires the first shot accurately, they are assured of victory.

2) If playing squad matches, ensure skill-gap is not present in the team


When playing with a squad in Free Fire, players need to ensure that the skill gap is kept to a minimum. Having teammates who are unable to hold their own in battle is a liability.

During battle, players will have to risk their own lives to revive their teammates. Leaving them out to get eliminated is not an option, as it will result in the squad being a member short. Either way, this hampers the entire match and affects the K/D ratio.

1) Get at least five eliminations in each match


To ensure a gain in the K/D ratio, Free Fire players should try to secure a minimum of five eliminations in every match. This will ensure that the ratio stays positive.

Although the gains will not be substantial, getting a minimum number of kills will keep the K/D ratio steady. Over time, players can extend their elimination goal in every match to further improve the ratio.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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