10 best Garena Free Fire characters for ranked mode (2022)

These characters will help acquire more rank points (Image via Sportskeeda)
These characters will help acquire more rank points (Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game where players descend on the battlefront to survive till the end and conquer their opponents. Among the several modes available, ranked is considered quite challenging as users confront each other to acquire higher ranks and stand out from the crowd.

They should adapt survival gameplay with a passive approach to obtain more points. Among the multiple factors affecting individuals' on-field gameplay, Free Fire characters are significant. With fantastic abilities, a proper selection of characters can aid players tactically in winning tough rounds.

Disclaimer: Due to a government-assessed ban, players from India should avoid playing Free Fire. They should play the MAX variant instead.

Garena Free Fire: Characters most suited to ranked matches

1) K


Ability: Master of All (active)

K increases the maximum EP of the user by 50. It then acts in two distinct modes: Jiu-jitsu and Psychology.

When the former is active, teammates within a range of 6 meters get a 500% increase in the EP recovery rate, while in the latter, users recover 3 EP/s up to 250 EP.

The mode switch cooldown time is only three seconds. K aids users in nonstop healing. Thus, his ability can be efficient to sustain HP.

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2) Kelly (Elite)


Ability: Deadly Velocity (passive)

Elite Kelly's Deadly Velocity also consists of the regular Kelly's ability Dash, which increases the sprinting speed by 6%. When users sprint for four seconds, the awakening ability gets activated. At this time, the first shot on the target inflicts 106% damage, lasting for 5 seconds.

Hence, she can maintain a higher movement speed throughout the match and be deadly when awakened.

3) Moco


Ability: Hacker's Eye (passive)

Moco's Hacker's Eye tags shot enemies for five seconds, and the markings will be shared with teammates. Awakened Moco also does the same but marks moving enemies for up to two seconds longer.

Moco is a must Free Fire character for rushers, M82B users, and more.

4) Alok


Ability: Drop The Beat (active)

With a constant cooldown time of 45 seconds, Alok's Drop The Beat creates a 5-meter aura that increases the movement speed by 15% and recovers 5 HP/s for 10 seconds. It should be noted that the effects do not stack.

Alok can be a prime choice for rushers for quick reflexes and rank pushers as he recovers HP to survive the battle for longer.

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5) Hayato


Ability: Bushido (passive)

Hayato's Bushido increases armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in the user's maximum HP. Moreover, his awakened form reduces the frontal damage by 1% for the same percentage decrease in the maximum HP.

As it is suitable for rushers, his ability can play a vital role in close combat in Free Fire.

6) Wukong


Ability: Camouflage (active)

Lasting for 15 seconds, Wukong's Camouflage transforms users into a bush with a reduced movement speed by 20%. However, the transformation ends if they attack enemies. While in bush form, the enemies lose their default aim to the user.

Though it has a very long cooldown time of 200 seconds, it can be reset by knocking down an enemy, even without confirming the kill. Wukong is best known in the Free Fire community for taking out clutches in intense close-range fights. Hence, it can aid users to win last zone battles too.

7) Dimitri


Ability: Healing Heartbeat (active)

With a cooldown time of 60 seconds, Dimitri's Healing Heartbeat creates a 3.5-meter diameter healing zone inside which gamers and allies recover 3 HP/s. Additionally, users and teammates can also self-recover in the zone when downed. The stationary zone lasts for 15 seconds.

Dimitri is a magnificent Free Fire character for duo and squad matches as he allows the whole side to self-recover.

8) Thiva


Ability: Vital Vibes (passive)

Thiva's Vital Vibes increases the rescue (help-up) speed by 30%. Subsequently, upon a successful revival, players recover 50 HP in 5 seconds.

He is helpful to both users and allies. Hence, his ability can be added to the skill slot while playing duo or squad matches.

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9) Misha


Ability: Afterburner (passive)

Misha's Afterburner raises the driving speed of users by 20%. Furthermore, while in a vehicle, gamers are hard to target, and the damage taken decreases by 30%.

Misha can help users escape from intense situations while rotating around the zones.

10) Rafael


Ability: Dead Silent (passive)

Rafael is one of the characters buffed in the Free Fire OB33 update. When using his updated ability, Dead Silent, the firing sound of marksman rifles and snipers gets silenced, and successful shots will cause enemies to bleed 90% faster.

Rafael is an ideal character for sniper players and marksman rifle users. However, gamers should use it in duo or squad matches to use him with maximum efficiency.

Note: The Free Fire characters in the above list aren't prioritized in any order, and their abilities are at their maximum level. Also, the list solely represents the author's personal opinion.

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