5 best Free Fire guns for close-range fights and hot drops

Use these guns to gain an edge in close-range combat (Image via Sportskeeda)
Use these guns to gain an edge in close-range combat (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Hot drops in Free Fire are synonymous with close-range fights. From the moment a player lands, they either have to kill or be killed. In this dog-eat-dog situation, having a good weapon can make a difference.


Rather than running from the fight, players will be able to rush into the fray with guns blazing. Although there's no guarantee that the perfect weapon will be found upon landing, it's always good to remain optimistic.

These Free Fire weapons are amazing for close-range fights during hot drops



For those attempting a hot drop in Free Fire, the SCAR will become their best friend. Although the weapon is better suited for mid-range combat, it can be used in close-range.

With its low recoil, decent damage output, and high rate of fire, any player can control it with ease. What's great about this gun is that it can be used throughout the match. Users can add different attachments to increase the weapon's lethality.

4) UMP


The UMP is arguably the best SMG in the game. With astonishing stats across the board, the weapon is lethal at close-range. However, what makes the gun truly dangerous is its armor penetration capabilities.

Other than the MAC10, UMP is the only SMG to have this unique quality. Opponents who manage to get sprayed with this weapon seldom escape the encounter.

3) G18


The G18 pistol is not the most potent weapon for close-range fights, but it does offer a lot of value. With a magazine size of 15 and a high rate of fire, players will be able to take down opponents swiftly.

Sadly, players will have to find a better weapon once the initial close-range fight has been concluded. Given its limited range and weapon attachments, it will not suit mid-game combat situations.

2) Vector Akimbo


The Vector is a powerful SMG in Free Fire. The weapon features a ridiculously high rate of fire and mobility. It also features good accuracy and a 20 round magazine. This is one of the most effective weapons for close-range combat.

To top it all off, players can wield this weapon Akimbo style. Although a few recoil penalties are involved, the pros outweigh the cons considerably. Damage output alone is enough reason to use these weapons.

1) M1887


The M1887 shotgun has no competition in Free Fire when it comes to close-range stopping power. A well-timed headshot will send an opponent flying back to the lobby instantly.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this weapon. It has a low range and poor accuracy. To make matters worse, the gun only features two shots per magazine. If a player misses their shot, they'll be wide open to a counter-attack.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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