How to reach Grandmaster rank in Free Fire MAX: Extreme rank push guide

Grandmaster is the highest rank in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
Grandmaster is the highest rank in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nishant Thakkar

Free Fire MAX's players have a common aspiration to rise through the ranks to reach the top tiers and establish themselves as the best among their peers. Grandmaster is the top rank available within the game, and it further has multiple divisions.

However, the path to Grandmaster is not easy, and it demands a tremendous degree of effort and skills. Users will have to work extremely hard to keep their position within the rankings throughout the ranked season. Here is a list of some pointers that they can use to advance through the ranks in their gameplay:

Tips to push rank in Free Fire MAX and reach Grandmaster

1) Focus on survival and avoid rushing


When playing in the Battle Royale mode, participants are awarded rank points after each match based on various factors, with survival being one of them. Consequently, gamers need to understand that they must play safe and stay alive until the later stages of the matches.

For the same reason, they must avoid rushing on the battlefield and should also not land on hot drops. They can first collect the required supplies and slowly rotate (depending on the zone's formation in the match).

2) Having a proper squad with communication

Users need to have proper team to push their ranks to Grandmaster (Image via Garena)
Users need to have proper team to push their ranks to Grandmaster (Image via Garena)

Another aspect that could be pretty beneficial to gamers is the presence of a well-organized squad when participating in the matches. Each individual can perform a particular role while also giving proper callouts.

Playing with randoms may harm their performance because they do not typically communicate, making it more difficult. Hence, users are advised to find/make friends they think could build great synergy. Nonetheless, this won't be necessary if gamers do a solo push.

3) Optimal use of characters and character combinations


Characters are one of the most crucial components of Free Fire MAX's overall gameplay, and their abilities have the potential to change a match for the players dramatically. Having the appropriate selection of characters can be extremely helpful and can offer gamers a much-needed advantage.

Furthermore, since the game allows the possibility to combine multiple skills (via the purchase of skill slots), users can create the most appropriate pairings. They can, for example, employ K in conjunction with characters such as Miguel, Jota, and Luqueta.

4) Practicing aim, movement, and more

Players can practice in the training grounds (Image via Garena)
Players can practice in the training grounds (Image via Garena)

Nothing comes so quickly without practice, and users will have to put in serious effort if they want to achieve a good aim in Free Fire MAX. They will also need sublime movement and the ability to read the plays if they wish to push their ranks.

Individuals can subsequently go ahead and enter the combat zone within the game's training ground to improve themselves. It is also recommended that they warm up by playing Clash Squad matches before diving into ranked Battle Royale games.

5) Pairing appropriate pets


Pets are more than simply companions in the game, and they also have particular skills similar to those of the characters. There are many unique ones available in Free Fire MAX, with the list reaching 20.

In essence, the selection of pets can be decided based on these two main factors: the playing style and the characters being employed. Among the top options in the game are Falco, Mr. Waggor, Ottero, Dreki, and Rockie.

Note: The article is based on the writer's opinion, and various other factors could play a part in the rank push inside Free Fire MAX.

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