NayanAsin’s (Assassins Army) Free Fire ID, stats, income, and best videos

Here is NayanAsin’s Free Fire ID (Image via Free Fire)
Here is NayanAsin’s Free Fire ID (Image via Free Fire)
Nishant Thakkar

Nayan Shelke is a renowned figure among Indian Free Fire players, and he is popularly recognized as NayanAsin. He co-runs the YouTube channel Assassins Army with Huzaif Pathan (HuzaiAsin), and the two of them produce content that covers a wide range of topics relating to the battle royale game.

Their subscriber base has grown dramatically over the years, and they now have 4.81 million subscribers, alongside a total of 627.47 million views.

NayanAsin’s (Assassins Army) Free Fire ID and more

NayanAsin’s Free Fire ID is 148880273.

Lifetime stats

Lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)
Lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

NayanAsin has competed in 11657 squad games and has 3326 victories, resulting in a win rate of 28.53%. With 32720 kills, he has maintained an incredible kill-to-death ratio of 3.93.

In the duo matches, the internet star has outclassed enemies in 612 of the 2135 appearances, having a win percentage of 28.66%. In the process, he has 5604 frags at a K/D ratio of 3.68.

The content creator has triumphed in 110 of the 836 solo games, equating to a win ratio of 13.15%. He has secured 1476 eliminations for a K/D ratio of 2.03.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)
Ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

In the current season, Nayan has featured in 119 squad matches and has remained unbeaten in 38, corresponding to a win percentage of 31.93%. At a K/D ratio of 4.59, he has 372 frags.

The streamer has played four duo and two solo games and has ended up killing two and 14 enemies for K/D ratios of 0.50 and 7.00, respectively.

Note: NayanAsin’s stats were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change.


Earnings on Social Blade (Image via Social Blade)
Earnings on Social Blade (Image via Social Blade)

The monthly and yearly earnings from the Assassins Army channel are mentioned between $7.8K to $124.6K and $93.5K to $1.5 million.

(Source: Social Blade)

Best videos

These are the most-watched videos on the channel:



2) Can I Reach To Safe zone - Garena Free Fire #shorts (9.1 million)


3) HIPHOP VS SAKURA GONE WRONG #shorts #Assassinsarmy #Totalgaming (8.8 million)


Note: To determine the best videos, the most viewed ones have been considered.

YouTube channel

As previously stated, Nayan Shelke and Huzaif Pathan co-run the Assassins Army channel. The duo have been posting regular content for the past few years, and their oldest video on YouTube dates to November 2019:


Within the previous 30 days, they have gained 150 thousand subscribers with 31.152 million views, as per Social Blade.

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