"Even in terrible circumstances, the drive to win Free Fire tournaments motivates us to carry on": Killer of Orangutan Esports

Aditya "Killer" Singh Sikarwar of Orangutan Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
Aditya "Killer" Singh Sikarwar of Orangutan Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular esports organization Orangutan Esports recently unveiled its Free Fire roster. The roster consists of ex-members of Team Elite, who proved their worth in several Free Fire tournaments this season.

Aditya "Killer" Singh Sikarwar is one of the players on the Free Fire roster of Orangutan Esports. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports' Debolina Banerjee, Killer talks about how teamwork is of prime importance, his preparation for the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter, and more.

Killer's take on the competitive scenario of Free Fire

Q. Hello, Aditya! Tell us about your journey in the world of gaming. What were you pursuing before you started playing Free Fire professionally?

Aditya: In the beginning, I was just another game participant. When I initially played the game, I was a high school student. Gradually, I improved my tactics and strategies, started my own YouTube channel, and competed in esports competitions, thus taking Free Fire more seriously.

I had heard that the gaming business was expected to grow in the next few years, but I was doubtful. In retrospect, I see that my actions were rather daring because the circumstances were not favorable. Teachings, challenges, and ups and downs have all been part of my journey, and I am looking forward to many more possibilities.

Q. Were your parents supportive when you wanted to take up gaming professionally?

Aditya: As you can expect, my parents were not enthusiastic about my decision to pursue esports professionally. They criticized my decision and advised me to devote more time to my education.

When I received my first sponsorship, things began to change. They are now happy with my accomplishments so far.

Q. What are your thoughts on the recent OB31 update? Do you think the Chrono nerf was justified?

Aditya: It was necessary to break the persona in the sense that it was too good to be true, which meant that something had to be done about Chrono. This was an inevitable adjustment, and I'm happy with how nicely the developers handled it.

Q. You used to be a part of Team Elite and are now on the Free Fire roster of Orangutan Esports. How important is it to be a part of a good roster to flourish in the esports world? What has your experience in being part of Orangutan Esports been like so far?

Aditya: In a tournament, the team is everything. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. If one has supportive and understanding teammates, half of the event is already won.

As a member of Orangutan Esports, I have had a fantastic time. My teammates work well together and are dedicated to mastering the procedures and abilities necessary to execute good strategies in Free Fire. Even in terrible circumstances, the drive to win motivates us to keep going.

Q. How was it winning the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall? Who do you think was your biggest competitor?

Aditya: Winning the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall was a dream come true and an unforgettable experience. Although all teams gave it their all, I thought PVS Gaming was a strong contender, especially in the event's final stages.

Q. You and your team have become the first and second runners-up in many Free Fire tournaments this year. Do you think that winning is all there is to an event? What can one learn from their loss in a major competition?

Aditya: We finished second in several Free Fire competitions this year. That being said, we have been consistent with our efforts. Winning is vital, but it isn't the only thing tournaments may provide. A challenging game delivers new experiences, enhances player coordination, and improves strategy.

Q. What upcoming tournaments are you and your team gearing up for next? How much time do you spend playing Free Fire daily?

Aditya: Our team is presently concentrating on the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter that will take place in early 2022. I try to practice for around ten hours every day.

Q. You have a YouTube channel called Killer FF with over 370K subscribers. How long does each video take to create? How do you plan on scaling your channel?


Aditya: Though I launched my YouTube channel with high hopes, it isn't my primary focus right now. I am able to focus more on esports thanks to the affection and support of my viewers.

Q. Since you are also a Free Fire content creator, aside from being a professional player, how different is content creation from live streaming? Which types of videos are more time-consuming to make?

Aditya: As I previously said, I am not a big content creator. Whenever I record something while playing, I generally publish it. Making montage videos, in my opinion, is pretty time-consuming because it needs precise timing and tremendous clutches to create only a portion of the video. However, that is not so in my case because I am an expert in those areas (*laughs*).

Q. What are your words of advice to Free Fire gamers who want to make their mark in the esports world?

Aditya: My recommendation to Free Fire players serious about esports is to attempt to play with a goal in mind rather than just for fun. They must consider investing time to evaluate their techniques and strategies. They must not join the esports world of Free Fire simply because everyone else is. Instead, they must be passionate.

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