Evos Phoenix crowned champion of Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok 

Evos Phoenix wins Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok (Image via Garena)
Evos Phoenix wins Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok (Image via Garena)

Thailand's Evos Phoenix became the Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok champion after a nail-biting performance in the last game. The team accumulated 117 points with the help of two Booyahs and lifted the world championship trophy for the second time. As a result, the squad was awarded $500K in prize money. Their star Moshi was declared the MVP of the mega event.

This was the third time in a row that a Thai team won the trophy. Brazil's Vivo Keyd, a side that was in the top spot ahead of the eighth match in World Series 2022, missed out on the title by just three points. Nigma Galaxy from Thailand earned third place with 97 points in the event, followed by Magic Squad.

Prize Pool distribution of FFWS Bangkok (Image via Garena)
Prize Pool distribution of FFWS Bangkok (Image via Garena)

Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok match-wise summary

Overall rankings of Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok (Image via Garena)
Overall rankings of Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok (Image via Garena)

Match 1 - Barmuda

The opening game of the Grand Finals saw some outstanding gameplay from Evos Phoenix. The Thai team gained a 10-kill Booyah, thanks to GodCruz's six eliminations. RRQ, Magic Squad, and Vivo Keyd scored 17, 16, and 14 points, respectively.

Match 2 - Kalahari

Nigma Galaxy, another Thai side, played aggressively and picked 20 frags to win the second match emphatically. RRQ and Evos played well again and collected 16 and 14 points, while Ignis Esports and Magic Squad took 13 points each.

MAIS UMA QUEDA COM O BRASIL NO TOP 3!O Booyah! do Brasil bateu na TRAVE nessa queda, que ficou pra @NigmaGalaxy. Bora que ainda tem muito jogo pra rolar. 💪 #FFWS🔴🟣🔵 @RedeTV 🟡 @spacebrasil

Match 3 - Purgatory

Ignis Esports from LATAN won this game with four kills, but Vivo Keyd topped the match standings by garnering 19 points, including 13 eliminations. Magic Squad, SES, and Evos accumulated 17, 15, and 10 points, respectively.

Match 4 - Alpine

In the fourth match, Vivo Keyd displayed more well-controlled gameplay as they earned a 14-kill victory in the latest Free Fire map. Vasto Mundo bounced back in this game and secured 17 points, while Nigma Galaxy registered 14 points to their name.


Match 5 - Barmuda

The Play-Ins toppers Magic Squad took control of the fifth game with seven eliminations, while Indonesia's SES Alfaink added 21 points to their collection. Evos Phoenix also displayed remarkable gameplay in this match and went on to acquire 13 points.


Match 6 - Kalahari

SES Alfaink once again scored 21 points, but this time, they managed to win the match as well. Nigma Galaxy and Vasto Mundo showcased balanced gameplay and secured 19 and 17 points.

Match 7 - Purgatory

Ignis Esports claimed a massive 17-kill Booyah in Purgatory, which propelled them to fourth place in the overall standings. With another impressive display of skills, Evos earned 17 points, while Alpha and Naguara scored 14 points each.

Match 8 - Alpine

Evos Phoenix clinched a mammoth 18-kill Booyah, collecting 30 points from the match that helped them win the Free Fire World Series. However, Vivo Keyd's performance in this game wasn't anything to write home about, as they claimed only nine points.

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