Free Fire OB31 expected features: Ability changes for Chrono, K, D-bee and others

Some character balance is expected to be made in the OB31 update (Image via Free Fire)
Some character balance is expected to be made in the OB31 update (Image via Free Fire)

Character abilities can often significantly impact the overall gameplay experience in Free Fire. Thus, it becomes essential to strike a balance with the abilities to ensure that a particular character does not become overpowering.

In the previous few updates, the developers have introduced multiple changes and adjustments in the characters' abilities, which have indeed resulted in a more balanced gameplay experience. These changes are first released in the Advance Server, where selected users can provide their inputs about the changes.

KnightClown, a popular data miner, has reflected all the ability changes of the characters in the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server in his recent posts.

Note: These are changes introduced in the Free Fire Advance Server, and not all the features from the client are added with the update.

Free Fire OB31 expected character balancing for Thiva, Maxim and others

Here are some of the character ability changes in the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server:

1) Chrono

Chrono is unquestionably one of the most utilized characters in Free Fire ever since his release about a year ago. Though the character has experienced multiple nerfs, the most significant alteration to Time Turner has occurred on the OB31 Advance Server.

The durability of the shield has been improved from 600 to 800. However, the movement speed buff has been removed from the character. Presently, in the normal game, the ability states that "One can fire at outside foes from within force field," but this part has been removed as well.

On the other hand, there are considerable buffs as well. The cooldown at the highest level is reduced to 120 seconds, while the duration of the shield becomes 6 seconds. These characters are tough to weigh against each other and determine the extent of influence.

2) K

K is the avatar of the world-famous DJ KSHMR and has the ability called Master of All. The character is widely used by players in character combinations in Clash Squad games, in place of Alok. This peculiar active ability has received a buff, particularly the Psychology Mode.

Earlier players could only recover 2 EP every 2 seconds at the highest level, which is up to 150. Now, in the OB31 Advance Server, the ability was seen to replenish 2 EP every 1 second up until 250 at level 6.

This buff makes K an even more viable option for all types of matches in Free Fire as they can easily reach 100 EP in less than a minute, which can subsequently be utilized with an additional conversion rate.

3) Maxim

Maxim has a passive ability called Gluttony, which is nerfed in the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server, and these changes are expected to be carried forward in the update.

Earlier, eating using medkits was buffed by 15% at level 1, but now it is only 5% in the changed ability. Moreover, at the highest level, the increase in speed is by 30% rather than 40%.

Though the decrease might not seem significant, it will likely make Maxim fall out of favor with some players.

4) D-Bee

Another character that might receive a buff in the Free Fire OB31 update is D-Bee. In the Advance Server, his Bullet Beats ability provides additional accuracy to the players when they are firing while moving.

There is a 10% relative increase at every level, i.e., at level 1, the accuracy is set at 20% buff rather than 10% at present. Similarly, the accuracy rises by 45% at the highest level.

Thus, players can run and gun their opponents even more efficiently with increased accuracy. Bullet Beats, being a passive ability, will be utilized even more actively in the combinations.

5) Thiva

Thiva is a recent addition to Free Fire and has the ability, Vital Vibes. This character also received a minor buff in their ability, in that only the rescue speed has been improved.

With the improvement, players can revive the emotes 25% faster at the highest level, while users recover 40 HP in 5 seconds as well after a successful rescue. This improvement is relatively insignificant as users will only be saving some milliseconds.

Edited by Sabine Algur
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