"We are here to win the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter": Viper of Revenant Esports

Satyam "Viper" Thakur of Revenant Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
Satyam "Viper" Thakur of Revenant Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

Revenant Esports, one of the popular esports organizations with branches in India and the USA, announced its new Free Fire roster on January 6, 2022.

In a recent conversation with Sportskeeda Esports, Rohit Jagasia, the CEO of Revenant Esports, revealed that he wanted the organization to have a Free Fire roster. Sure enough, Revenant Esports revealed its six-member team. The esports organization acquired players who used to be part of the Team Head Hunters.

Satyam “Viper” Thakur, a battle royale enthusiast, is the in-game leader of the Free Fire roster. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Viper talks about his fondness for battle royale games, his teammates, and the upcoming Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter.

Viper, the in-game leader of Revenant Esports's Free Fire roster, and his journey so far

Q: What has the journey been like for you in the Esports world? Tell us about your journey from being a casual player to an in-game leader on a Free Fire roster?

Satyam: My journey in the esports world has been quite an average one. I have not become very popular yet, but I am confident enough to become famous. I was nominated for the Sniper of the Year award hosted by Free Fire Esports India and it was quite overwhelming for me.

Every esports player today was a casual gamer someday and I possessed leadership qualities from quite a young age so I just took up this responsibility. The experience has been tough as handling a roster of six players is not anyone's cup of tea. I need to take the entire responsibility of the roster.

Q: Do you think the Indian esports scenario has changed in the past couple of years? If so, how?

Satyam: Yes, the esports scenario has changed a lot. The pandemic gave a huge boost to gaming as well as the esports industry, both for PC and mobile gaming.

Before, we used to have only a handful of events to take part in, but nowadays we have multiple events happening on the same day. People recognize you, appreciate your skills, and some even consider professional players as their idols. This is just the beginning, esports is touching newer heights every day, and will continue to do so.

Q: Professional gaming is not considered a proper career by many Indians. Were your parents supportive of your decision to join the esports world?

Satyam: I started my esports career when I was quite young. The benefit of starting early is that you are allowed to make mistakes. My parents were not that supportive at the beginning but as time passed, I proved my worth to them and made them understand that esports is like any other sport and is a career opportunity as well.

Q: What made you choose Free Fire over other battle royale mobile games? Now that PUBG New State is here, do you think people will shift towards the futuristic battle royale game from Free Fire?

Satyam: I used to watch PUBG streams on YouTube and I used to love the battle royale concept. I did not have a PC at the time and wondered if someone could play something like that. After a while, Garena came up with this battle royale game and I got myself completely attached to it. I have also played other battle royale titles as well like BGMI, PUBG New State, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

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Gaming is just a source of entertainment for many people, so they can play multiple games to keep themselves entertained. Taste and preferences change with time and there's nothing wrong with it. PUBG New State has a very interesting concept and I have really liked it a lot.

Q: How is Revenant Esports different from Team Head Hunters?

Satyam: Revenant Esports is not very different from Head Hunters as the same players will be playing the same game. It is just a new name for us, that's all. We have given our best to the Head Hunters and we will be giving our best for Revenant Esports as well.

Q: Revenant Esports recently unveiled their Free Fire roster. Being the in-game leader of your team, tell us about the players and what roles they are going to play.

Starting the New Year with a bang! We are ready to take Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter by a storm!#BeRevenant #RevenantEsports #FreeFire #Booyah #FFPL

Satyam: My name is Satyam Thakur, and my in-game moniker is RNTxViper24. I play the role of a sniper in my Free Fire team. Then we have Aasim Usama (RNTxAasim), who is the Supporter/Grenadier. We also have Kunal Uke (IGN: RNTxKunal), who is the Rusher, followed by Syed Omad Ahmed (IGN: RNTxArsh), who is another Rusher in our team. Raja Raturi (IGN: RNTxRaja) plays the role of an Assaulter.

Finally, we have Nilesh Gattani (IGN: RNTxMaimunga), who is our mentor. He will look after the team’s performance and help us improve our strategies by pointing out our mistakes and helping us rectify them.

Q: The duty of the in-game leader is to always ensure that there is a smooth flow of communication amongst teammates. Aside from this, what are some of the key aspects that you look into? With whom is your synergy the best in your team?

Satyam: From checking out on my players' availability to making them aware of the schedule for the day, I look after almost everything regarding my Free Fire line-up. I also assist them with their gaming skills.

For now, I have the best synergy with Aasim.

Q: How are you preparing for the upcoming Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter? Which team are you watching out for?

Satyam: Our preparation for the Free Fire Pro League is going well and we are getting back into our form. We have no room for mistakes now as we are here to win this title.

The team we will be looking out for is going to be Chemin Esports.

Q: Since practice makes the player perfect, how long do you dedicate to playing Free Fire daily?

Satyam: A player should make sure that he is not always into Free Fire as it badly affects their mental health. I usually grind for around eight to ten hours a day.

Q: What are some of the important points that aspiring professional Free Fire gamers must keep in mind?

Satyam: Just stick to your goals, do not let failures break you.

Keep grinding hard. Never get upset from defeats, learn from them. The greatest thing in Esports is that you will need experience. Experience can never be purchased; you will have to develop and learn it with time.

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